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  1. Don Chuck Carvalho out of brail does some amazing work, or fat zombie by eric skamstrad out of tucson.
  2. Sent ya a little loot, hope it helps. this site is awesome
  3. Hey CM, glad to see you found it. See you in January.
  4. Hey didnt see it listed so figured I would share, January 13th thru the 15th @ the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Minneapolis. Always a good time.
  5. not a fan of anything put on television that uses our craft and art as a means to fill a corporate suits pocket. Most advertisors and people involved are the very same that refuse to hire tattooed people. Its sickening.
  6. this site is awesome, want to thank stephen cribb for putting me on to it.
  7. behind the knee and the back of calfs, when you get entire calf done at once.
  8. Sailor Jerry Books, Amund Dietzel, Swallows and Daggers magazine. Any Derek Noble books. and many more.
  9. Hey slayer, i own Feed My Addiction in Eau Claire, WI. I have a domain and access to build site thru godaddy but have no idea what I am doing. Could really use some help. We have 3 full time artists and a body piercer. I can send you any images you would need. I can be reached at fmatattoo@gmail.com or my studio number is 715-855-1275. Thank you. Hope to here from ya soon.
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