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    lunchbox715 got a reaction from captaincabinet in Currently in the market for prints and originals   
    Don Chuck Carvalho out of brail does some amazing work, or fat zombie by eric skamstrad out of tucson.
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    lunchbox715 reacted to JAllen in Dumb Hipster Tattoos   
    it's not the cassettes, it's whats on them that sounds horrible.
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    lunchbox715 reacted to Iwar in Knee Tattoooo   
    Cat heads seems to be a good fit for knee-designs.
    I especially like these:
    Jim Sylvia

    Valerie Vargas

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    lunchbox715 reacted to Iwar in Who do you think deserves some recognition?   
    I thought we could use a thread that shined a little light on some of the artists we love, but aren't necessarily very renowned or getting the recognition we feel they deserve.
    Lets get the ball rolling....
    I've been a fan of the work of James Tex of Deadly Tattoos inc, located in Calgary, Canada, for a few years now. I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with his work, and some members here might even know him personally and/or have tattoos from him.
    Anyways, I stumbled across him a while back in another tattoo forum where a member showed off the progress of a Samurai sleeve he was getting done from Tex. I was blown away by his work, and to my great viewing pleasure he had a fairly large online portfolio on his shops website: Deadly Tattoos inc.
    I'm not sure if everyone agrees with me in that he's "low key", but I can't say that I have read an article about him or seen any pictures of his tattoo except on his website (and obviously the forum I mentioned).
    Here's a few samples of his work from his online portfolio:

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    lunchbox715 got a reaction from daveborjes in LST Preferred Tattoo Professionals   
    Johnny Gruesome of Feed My Addiction Tattoo Eau Claire, WI
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    lunchbox715 got a reaction from Barbie Doll in help support LST   
    Sent ya a little loot, hope it helps. this site is awesome
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    lunchbox715 got a reaction from dari in help support LST   
    Sent ya a little loot, hope it helps. this site is awesome
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    lunchbox715 got a reaction from Steve in help support LST   
    Sent ya a little loot, hope it helps. this site is awesome
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    lunchbox715 reacted to brian.harris in Orphan Irons Tattoo Machines   
    Seriously nothing but quality. the only machines i will touch now.
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    lunchbox715 reacted to Aussie Tom in InkMasters??   
    "I cant believed I even watched this trailer. Made me sick. Why Oliver Peck is involved with this project, I cant tell you, but I guess at the bottom line, money talks.
    I cant even begin to get in to the problems with this type of programming. What good can come out of timed tattoo competitions between a bunch of people who think they’re “the best”. What kind of attitudes about tattooing is this promoting? No good ones.
    They’re just going to milk money out of our industry for as long as they can, while using bullshit ideas and clever editing to put false ideas in the general public’s head as long as we keep letting them. It’s a damn shame." - what a tattoo artist posted on tumblr about it.
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    lunchbox715 reacted to slayer9019 in member uploaded tattoo photos   
    There are very rare examples of people with only good tattoos in my personal experience. I guess it is just a part of the process
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    lunchbox715 reacted to Lochlan in member uploaded tattoo photos   
    @Ursula and everyone else who weighed-in, thanks for voicing up.
    In order to know what a good tattoo is VS a bad tattoo OR a bad tattoo VS a mediocre tattoo and so on, one must often see the difference.
    It's an open forum so this is part of it though we thought ahead, somewhat, and put some things in place...
    -Use the 'like' button because photos/tattoos that are most 'liked' rank higher and appear on the first pages.
    -Next, there is the comments section so leave feedback on both good, mediocre, and bad tattoos but be respectful.
    -Lastly, everyone starts somewhere in getting tattoos and more often than not we start getting bad tattoos first and it is not til we learn what a good tattoo is and/or someone offers constructive criticism that we realize I need to get better tattoos or some time passes and you take note its all bleeding together or its fading much faster than it should.
    This site is aimed at all interested in tattoos so all have the opportunity to learn and get better tattoos. Shit, I was in a shop topless the other day getting tattooed and I know when ever this happens around those who know tattoos I am going to get comments on my bad tattoos so I laugh with them while getting better tattoos.
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    lunchbox715 got a reaction from Barbie Doll in Can't we all just get along?   
    this site is awesome, want to thank stephen cribb for putting me on to it.
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    lunchbox715 got a reaction from Kev in InkMasters??   
    not a fan of anything put on television that uses our craft and art as a means to fill a corporate suits pocket. Most advertisors and people involved are the very same that refuse to hire tattooed people. Its sickening.
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    lunchbox715 reacted to dari in Lunchbox is here!!!!!!!   
    Hello and welcome to LST!
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    lunchbox715 reacted to Barbie Doll in Lunchbox is here!!!!!!!   
    Welcome Lunchbox! Do you have a nickname you go by? ;)
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