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  1. For some reason I can not blog. I would like to blog my findings regarding people that tattoo for tribal or spiritual purposes in modern times. I like tattoos for their fetish, commemorative and decorative aspects just like anyone else however I love them because they are ritualistic.

    I get to hang around a tattoo studio occasionally and recently met a young person who's grandmother is from a mountain tribe in Papua New Guinea. Royalty in her village. The grandmother (I got to see the pics too) is well covered in tattoos. One of the tattoos was to say she was married and the V neck back and front was a sign of fidelity. Most of her tattoos were installed down at their beach when the men were out to sea. They believe that if she lay still while being tattooed she would keep the sea calm so the men would have a safe fishing journey. If she flinched there would be a storm.

    I love stories like this. I would love to find books dedicated to this topic if anyone knows of any.

  2. Answer to self and anyone else who is interested in The Viking period answer re tattoos.

    The source to research this is... Ahmed Ibn Fadlin.

    Getting there... it would be great if someone was already an expert in this to ask.

  3. Hi to any visitors that come to my page. Can you help?

    I am seeking any information I can about Viking period tattooing. Year 200 to 800 however anything regarded as Viking or anything from Europe year 200 -1200. I have not found much so far... An Edda that mentions how striking the Vikings were including all their tattoos. Thats it so far.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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