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  1. Nice! Were you ever on the D*A*M forum? I used to have a number of nice fuzz's years ago.. D*A*M Meathead, Creepyfingers Creepyface, MKII Tonebender, Shin-Ei companion fuzz-wah.. And quite a few others.. I sold them when I started getting tattooed :rolleyes:

    Haha I didn't have a clue man so I googled, it does look like a guitar stomp box thing but it's not, it's a footswitch for tattooing and the cables to go with it, I needed new so I made one. Cheers none the less haha

  2. I posted in here before about how horrible my inner arm was, and I completely stand by that post--that was the only time I have literally gasped in pain while getting tattooed--but I've had a bunch more tattooing on my inner arms since and I think the problem with that really painful session was that I'd slept for around two hours the night (morning of really, fuck working nights) of the tattoo. Getting tattooed on very little sleep is the absolute fucking worst.

    Ye man fully agree, 10x worse.

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