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  1. I am still playing with the idea of getting it lasered. It doesn't have to completely disappear I just want it light enough to do a decent cover up with a good artist. Will the purple not come out at all?
  2. The Panther idea is excellent. Thank you all so much. I´m going to find an amazing artist and pray that maybe it can all be covered with a panther. Thank you so much for this idea :)
  3. This was a cover up tattoo. What was underneath was much much worse than this. It was very colorful so there werent that many options to cover it up. We decided to do a Hannya mask. I know it´s not a good tattoo but how bad is it really in your opinion? I am planning on making it a full sleeve so that there is more color in the front and I am planning on adding more tattoos so that this isn't always the main focus. Please be brutally honest.
  4. Hmm interesting thread. I always thought the more the better personally but I understand your what you mean.
  5. Some of these cover ups turned out amazing. I wish mine would have turned out as great as some of these.
  6. Had some delicious zucchini with squash and chicken covered in garlic butter and basil omnomnommmmm
  7. The term leg sleeve made me laugh. I´ve never heard it before.
  8. I would just get more ink. I have a tattoo that I don´t like very much and have attempted laser removal and with colorful tattoos this could take years and thousands of dollars to remove and might still not be completely gone. I gave up and did a cover up on it which I am also not very happy with but it is much better than it was before and I am also thinking about getting more tattoos so it´s not the first thing people look at.
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