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  1. Yeah, I watched almost all of the videos.. really good interviews!
  2. My name is Lucas Luz, 17 years old, Brazilian (sorry my bad english) and new here on the forum.. i've been drawing for a while but started tattooing 1 year ago and I know that I have a lot to learn... if you guys have time, please take a look at my gallery, any advices are always welcome! looking to keep evolving always!
  3. Lucas Luz

    Traditional Ship

    Theupper part is healing and the bottom part still really fresh, 1 more session to go
  4. Lucas Luz

    Psychedelic frog

    lot of fun doing this one, just playing with colors.... prismacolours on paper + black background on photoshop
  5. Lucas Luz

    Psychedelic fish

    Prismacolours on paper + black background on photoshop
  6. Lucas Luz

    Sugar skull

    Design that I did for a client, love colors!
  7. Lucas Luz


    Prismacolours on paper
  8. Lucas Luz


    Prismacolours on paper
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