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  1. My friend and I will go to the US in June and we're looking to do some guestspots together. He mostly do old school/neo trad and I mostly do realistic. Please get in touch either on here or through my Facebook page: ArtbyMichelleM
  2. 28-year-old female tattoo artist from Denmark, looking to do my first guest spots from January 2017. I've been tattooing for 2 years, I mostly work in B&G realism, but also enjoy doing other styles. Please check out more work on my facebook: artbymichellem And if interested, send me a message through my facebook page
  3. Wow, thank you so much for you nice comments! :)
  4. Thank you very much :) - - - Updated - - - Thank you very much :)
  5. Hi :) I've been tattooing for 1,5 year and yesterday I did my first portrait of a child. Would love to hear your opinions and what to do better/different next time :)
  6. Hi I'm looking to do my first guestspot - I'll travel to the US in June/July, but I'm open to which states I'll visit :) Please check my Facebook for more pictures and send me a pm if you're interested in knowing more FB: artbymichellem
  7. I'm selling my new, barely used Bulldog Liner from TattooMe! I've had it for two months but find it a bit too heavy for my girly hands, and after trying a machine one of the girls in my shop owns, I want to buy a lighter liner machine instead. I've tried getting used to it, but it doesn't feel right to me :) Here's what it says on the website about the machine: The specialist “Bulldog” tattoo machine is designed for the Old School professionals or those applying a dominant stroke in their art work 9-UP RL/RS. The equipment is characteristic for its specific dichotomy based on a large potent
  8. I got this about 1½ month ago at Copenhagen Ink Festival :) It's on the upper side of my forearm. Got tattooed by Suzi Powell from Holdfast Tattoo, Perth, Australia. I got a tattoo by her apprentice when I lived in Perth last year, so had to get one by her as well, now that she was in Denmark.
  9. Wauw, there are some truly amazing artwork in this thread - wish I was able to draw cool stuff like that.. I've always drawn realistic stuff (or tried to, anyway), but now I'm trying to find my own style and just do a bunch of different non-realistic drawings.. Here's a mix of what I've drawn this year.. A realistic portrait done with pencils, a coloured portrait and a tattoo machine done with prisma color pencils and two unfinished designs just to try to improve my drawing skills to more than realism..
  10. ..you remember people from their tattoos, not their face :)
  11. Thank you, just got it at a convention in Copenhagen last weekend, super happy about it! :)
  12. This is me, before and after I got my newest tattoo (or, after and before apparently!) :D
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