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  1. NickLarson

    Traditional Japanese Style

    They healed great. In that pic the Hanya is actually all healed. I am in SLC and will be going to my same artist, but just looking for some idea's for my next piece.
  2. NickLarson

    Tiger tattoos

    crappy pictures of the tiger on my forearm. What is everyone's opinion on adding white to the tiger's face? My artist seems to think it will fade in the sun and look like crap.
  3. NickLarson

    Traditional Japanese Style

    Can anyone recommend some "new school" Japanese artists? I love traditional Japanese work but I also love more detailed stuff. I have both my feet done, one a Hanya and the other a Kapala skull. I had my artist do them in a more new school style and I love them. The skull is not finished in this pic. I am going to start my other leg soon and wanted to do a black/grey piece. I was thinking of doing a couple Foo Dog statues protecting a temple. I am having a hard time coming up with a good reference though. I thought if I could look through some similar tattoo's I could get some idea's.