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  1. Interesting, looking forward to some before and after photos after your session with the pico laser.
  2. This is a photo I took today, 4 weeks after second treatment.
  3. My brother is removing a tattoo right now which has quite a lot of green in it. He was also expecting the green to be quite resistant to the laser but it's actually fading pretty fast. I really can't say whether it would disappear completely or not but from what I've seen it is fading quite noticeably so far. Of course it depends a lot on the person's skin type, the type of ink, the immune system and other factors. I don't know how purple reacts though, I'm not sure if he has any in his tattoo. Just keep researching what are the best lasers for those colours and talk to some specialists be
  4. I see, his laser specialist told him it should come back although there might be some permanent hair loss. I was just wondering.
  5. Yeah, pretty good results. Btw, does the hair actually grow back? My brother had part of his arm lasered, he's had around 4 treatments in the past 5-6 months. He said he shaved the area the first time and it still hasn't grown back.
  6. Yeah, my guy is using the Medlite C6 on my back as well, it's pretty painful. Does he hit your whole arm in one sitting?
  7. That's pretty impressive results, what kind of laser did they use on you?
  8. Sounds interesting, what kind of diatomaceous earth do you take? Do you just mix it with water?
  9. Hmm, maybe that's why dead people's tattoos disappear once they're buried. :D Seriously though, that sounds pretty interesting, do you apply it the same way as a facial clay mask? You should keep us posted on the results.
  10. The aftercare instructions I was given were pretty simple, just put some ice on it in the first 48 hours to eliminate the swelling and keep the area moisturised using aloe vera. I know you were recommending another product but I'm not sure if they have it in the UK. I thought I should use the moisturiser only until the skin heals and it seems healed now, do you think I should continue to use it anyway?
  11. That's the Asian dude from Workaholics!
  12. @Mike Panic - It only took around 15 min although that was probably the longest 15 min in my life. @YOMONEY - I'm removing the whole thing and I'm not planning a cover up, we'll see how it goes but hopefully there won't be much of it left in the end, I don't mind if there's a few lines and spots left here and there, I guess time will take care of that eventually.
  13. Those blisters look crazy, I didn't get any blisters at all even though I had pretty much half my back treated at once, but I guess it depends on the area you're getting lasered among other things.
  14. My brother is removing two tattoos, one on his back which is only black, probably around 5-6 sq inches, and the lower half of a 3/4 sleeve, which has all kinds of different colours. He's paying £130-140 for both I think. I went to the same place, I'm getting a black and grey backpiece removed which takes up almost half my back and he's charging me £110 a session and treats the whole piece in one sitting. I guess his prices vary mostly based on the colours used rather than the size of the tattoo because mine is bigger but I'm paying less. - - - Updated - - - You can see my tattoo before an
  15. I thought I'd post a few pics before and after my first treatment, the results so far have been quite better than what I expected although I suppose the fading will not be as significant as the treatments progress but so far it's looking pretty good. This is the original tattoo, you can notice at the bottom the patch test which I had a week before taking this pic: This is two days after the first treatment: This is one week after the first treatment: Sorry about the difference in the lighting, I hope you can still get an idea of how much has faded.
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