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    musician, husband, father. Not necessarily in that order.
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  1. How we still miss you, brother Jeremy. :(

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    New guy.

    Hello everyone. I've been lurking here for quite a while, reading and researching and checking out all of your tattoo pics at the recommendation of a few folks from another forum I frequent. I figured its time I introduced myself and stopped being a creeper. I've got a few small (and mostly pretty shitty) tattoos from poor decisions in years past. I don't have pics of any of them, and there's only one I wouldn't be embarrassed to share. I'm lucky enough to live in Chicago, so I'm going to head over to Great Lakes in the next few weeks (hopefully, fingers crossed) and talk with them about a few different loose ideas I have, see what they can design for me. I'm also pretty fortunate to have a job that doesn't care about my tattoos (neither the ones I have or the ones I'd like to get) during the day and one where they're nearly expected at night. Anyway, great forum. I've already learned a lot here, I'm looking forward to participating in the conversation.