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    started tattooing in '96, I own Hellcat Tattoo in west palm bch FL
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    West Palm Beach, FL
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    Paainting, hunting, fishing
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  1. Choosing a tattooer?

    Troy lane is in Miami, so is Ken Cameron, colorfast is a good shop in lauderdale, altered state in lake worth, aces high and my shop Hellcat tattoo in west palm. Endless summer in cocoa bch, cast iron in Orlando, against the grain in Melbourne, inksmith, livewire, black hive in jax. There are a ton of good tattooers in Florida, but many, many more bad.
  2. Tattoo Outline Raised

    Is it only in the areas that are grey lined? Looks like it from the pics, could be you have a problem with witch hazel, you might also have a latex allergy, did he use latex gloves. these are both a couple of situations I have seen. either way it may take a little bit for the tattoo to settle in, try the benadryl..... 90 percent of the time it works all the time. Dave
  3. brady panther

    Ok I stand corrected, this was a Walt Daley JR. Design. He worked out of Spokane, WA.
  4. brady panther

    I believe this design was originally done by buddy mcfall who worked with cliff raven, anyone know?
  5. Cable invasion

    I think they should do a Tattoo shop version of Fat Albert......
  6. Non-tattooers opening shops

    I agree 100% with Mario. I have worked in a shop that was owned by a non tattooer, it was MISERABLE! Never, Ever again. Dave
  7. diamonds are a girls best friend rose

    diamonds are a girls best friend
  8. shark week 09

    shark week 09
  9. brady panther

    brady panther
  10. purple alpaca

    purple alpaca
  11. reaper

  12. cole tiger

    cole tiger
  13. paw print

    paw print
  14. catapillar

    cat a pillar