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  1. forgive my crappy phone pic (and the swelling!) just got this from stuart cripwell :)
  2. We are a busy,long time established shop almost dead center between SF and Sacramento. Looking to fill a space with a solid,experienced tattooer. you must have an excelent additude and work ethic aswell as a professional portfolio and references. We are also open to hosting some guest's this summer and would love to meet some tattooers from far away places. for more info you can pm me here or call the shop 12-10 tues-sat. 707-453-0338 cheers
  3. howdy! going where for the consult?
  4. Will do,it's going on my right hand and wrist. I don't normally get like a little kid,but I think it will be appreciated here :)
  5. Stuart cripwell appointment Next month,whhhhooooohoooooo!!! Ok sorry had to let that out.
  6. here is a couple by herb auerbach,who used to work with stefan johnsson,now he is with thad at california electric. you can see the style connection but he still nails it.
  7. latley we got a few people that busted out thier phones,turned them up and tried to drown out our stereo with wannabe gangsta crap..wtf.
  8. we have a two story shop so somedays it's venom,exodus and all sorts of metal downstairs. then the complete opposite upstairs like the ethiopians,desmond dekker,trojan records comps etc. or mellow stuff like red sparowes. mid day mixed in 77 punk style stuff like the vicious,mass hysteri,marked men. Im in the shop 2 hours before we open so I rock alot of the gories,the mummies,sonics or vintage country- bob wills,left frizell,wanda jackson,brenda lee etc.
  9. BSAjunkie


    thanx for the warm welcome! grant me the serenity to type in plain,legible english and to not post lolcat photos or wield a flamethrower.
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