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  1. Owner: Kaipo Annon from Electric Paradise, Waikiki,HI
  2. Color Packer, hard hitting ,can handle up to 25M
  3. For George Brown, Society of the Seven Crowns, Toronto.
  4. New owner : Bryce Luning, at South Shore Ink, Hawaii.
  5. This one found a good home at TATTOO ARTISAN , Hawaii !!! Joe Mariconda, artist/owner.
  6. ...random lady on the public transit asks: does my tattoo look infected?(while touching/rubbing with dirty grubby fingers!) Answer: I'm not a doctor, but if that's oozing "puss" go to the walk-in clinic, and please STOP TOUCHING THE DAMNED THING!!!! So...touching a fresh tattoo with dirty hands is one of many terrible things someone can do to a tattoo.
  7. sanskrit letters and mandala done by Ariano (winged heart was there already!)
  8. Celtic Cross wax sealed, work by Ariano.
  9. work by Ariano
  10. Twist on sailor Jerry's flash,work by Ariano.
  11. work by Ariano
  12. Dietzel flash,by Ariano
  13. Sailor Jerry flash, by Samantha.
  14. Paul Rogers flash, by Samantha
  15. work by Samantha
  16. work by Samantha