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  1. Thanks, I said I wanted a dragon and skull and left the rest up to him, it came out basically how I pictured in my head, but a thousand times better, haha. Thanks man, next session is middle of January, so not long now, will probably finish the dragon off then Thank you mate! Couldn't be happier!
  2. Hey guys, been a while since I've posted, just got back from switzerland with Filip and thought id give you guys an update, here ya go
  3. After having a big session on my back, legs, arse ect I can't even imagine not keeping it wrapped the first few days, just thinking of clothes rubbing against it makes my skin crawl. As long as you change the wrapping and wash it regularly you shouldn't have a problem. Ive never had a single bit of ink falling out doing it this way.
  4. Haha thank you. Sessions have been around the 5 hour mark total tattoo time, the last session was more like 7 hours, so just over 20 hours so far, can't really complain ;) - - - Updated - - - Thank you mate, the next session will focus on the skull, haven't really touched it since the first session. Still deciding on colours and stuff then its just putting the colour in the dragon act, booked in for 3 more sessions but might only take 2 - - - Updated - - - Thanks man, yeah I still think his are the best going. - - - Updated - - - Hahaha thanks mate, I try :p
  5. Next session on my back with Filip on wednesday :D
  6. Ahh shit, the chinese knock offs!!!!? Im only after the originals, rare as hens teeth mate
  7. @Dennis Where did you find the Filip Leu dragons books? Ive been looking for them forever!!!! Fancy selling them? ;)
  8. Haha thank you mate, I'm very proud to wear it :D @hogg
  9. Here you go guys, todays fun. Inner arse cheek is... interesting to say the least. Anyway ill probably wait for a few more sessions before I upload any more pics, so here ya go
  10. Second session on my backpiece, big skull and dragon. I posted this pic a while ago somewhere but can't be arsed to find it, also you can't see much of it as it goes down to my ankles, so not much help but its something to go on haha Got most of the main outlines done in that session so I think he said on this next one he'll be doing most of the background. Gonna be a long day :p. Haha cheers mate, but its a life of squaller really, all because of my addiction to tattoos :cool:
  11. Got my next session with Filip Leu this saturday, cannot wait :D. Ill get pictures up soon as I can.
  12. Had from my shoulders all the way down to my ankles outlined in one go, i'd say the hamstring was worse than arse, but the worst was back of knee *shudder*, and its still all gotta be shaded....
  13. Thanks a lot for all the likes and compliments guys, I promise ill get a better picture soon but its at the horrible itchy / peeling stage at the moment so ill give it a few days. Thanks again.
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