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  1. What up Resp?! hollering at you all the way from Horsham. Hope business is good in Fishtown
  2. nice where in the ROC are you working?
  3. @CultExciter just booked with Zach Stuka for a gnarly shark that Saturday! Success and thank you for the names of wisdom
  4. Hey all I am traveling to Chicago for a friend's gallery opening on Friday, June 7th. I am trying to get something tattooed when I am out there (Thur. June 6th arriving at 1 and leaving Sat. June 8th at 1). There is such a great group of artists in Chicago, but now I need to find someone who can take on an out of town appointment on short notice! I am just looking to get something done that said artist would enjoy doing and the chance to shake some hands and see whats up in the windy city Throw out some names if you get a second, or shit if you tattoo in Chicago, do you have any openings. Thank you in advance
  5. Here is a homer pigeon on a friend Big Rob, his grandfather raced pigeons in the old days in Philadelphia Done by myself at Tattoo Alley in Horsham, Pa
  6. Andy Perez, I love your stuff, cant wait to see some stuff in person! Our shop has a double booth this year, so if any of you LSTers need a safe spot to stash some newly purchased goodies, feel free to stop at the booth and say hello! Safe travels to all of those out of towners
  7. Here is a Stoned school mascot from the small town in upstate NY where I went to school. Did it during a short guest spot at Beyond Tattoos in Potsdam, NY. Done by myself
  8. Hello all, my little brother just moved down to Raleigh and I was wondering if anyone here had insight into great shops and artists that they know of or have been tattooed by around there. I am going to have to visit every so often so I would love to build a relationship with a shop/artists down there aside from picking up some new work on my travels. Thank you in advance
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