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    tattooing for 15 years and building custom tattoo machines for 8
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  1. I started building machines about 8 or 9 years ago and have learned 90% thru trial and error. I did ask a few questions along the way to builders who I respected but always in a private e-mail. Sometimes even then I would not get a direct answer, hehehe. I've made a lot of stuff that did not work good but I learned the hard way and it has made it much more gratifying to be where I am now. I know the feeling to want to learn and not knowing where to start but keep on thinking and pushing thru the process and it will come. Yes the Dringenberg interview has stirred some stuff up but the man has
  2. To answer the first question....no not really. The main factor in a good healed tattoo is in the artist's technique. I can setup a single coil machine to hit hard or soft as well as a dual coil machine. With a dual coil machine your going to have a stronger magnet basically so it would be a better and more capable choice for larger groupings. Matt I'm not quite sure what the Sailor Jerry setup is like and how it compares to the setup I have on mine. I will say that my design does have its limitations with this layout. By looking at it you would almost think its a liner but this is indeed a sh
  3. I guess the first thing people want to know is what there power capabilities are compared to 2 coil machines. These single coil machines are set up as shaders and have no problem pushing needle groups up to 13 mags. I personally don't use groupings bigger than that though. I would say there is definitely some difference in power between the two set ups but it isn't drastic. When set up as shaders I like using them for 7-11 mags. I do go to a 2 coil machine when I use a 13, it just has that little more oomph I like. Set up for lining they can perform just fine for most groupings. As far as the
  4. Thanks, I love designing and building and sharing ideas with fellow tattooers. Larry
  5. Thought I would share some machine ideas with you guys. I like building single coil machines so here are a few designs. The first one is an antique looking standard sprung machine. I love building knarly old looking stuff. The second is an adjustable compression spring design that I came up with that works really well. The third is a design that took me a while to get the right setup but I finally got it. Really lite weight due to no sideplate and these things are badass. Larry
  6. Here are a few pics of some of my stuff. Model 33 liner Lectro -tat shader Hole hog liner
  7. My buddy Shane Enholm told me to check you guys out. I tattoo by day and build machines when I can. I'll try to get some pics up soon or check out my web-site. I build a wide variety of stuff. Most of my machines sell for 400. Larry
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