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  1. i think the brian bruno one is my favorite. especially when they show him taking a break smoking a cigarette and he is just staring at the tattoo while talking to the client. i know that feeling of wanting to look at the fun piece your doing as much as possible cause when they walk out that door it is for the most part gone forever.
  2. wondering who else has seen this? watched it several times on youtube. think it is a really good example of skilled tattooers talking intelligently about the craft and their opinions on tattooing as far as where it was, where it is, and where it is going.
  3. sorry for the late reply still getting use to the forums layout and such. glad your liking the blog sir. hope all is well

  4. i wonder when he is going to put out his "how to tattoo dvd"
  5. thanks for the replies everyone. maybe we should start using alliases when travelling abroad.
  6. really enjoy your work sir

  7. couple years ago i had a horrible situation regarding this subject. short story was. going to england to work in friends shop. got detained and questioned. when questioned i told ol boy i was visiting friends and was going to tattoo them. guy questioning me told me since tattooing is my profession that if i have any equipment that goes along with said profession in their eyes i was trying to live and work in england and so i was denied entry. then went back the next year but had a friend and native of england carry my equipment through and everything was fine. does everyone actually go as far as getting work visas or am i just going about this the wrong way. any advice would be welcomed. thanks in advance.
  8. as tattooers we cant help but retain the images we see and dig on. its up to each individual tattooer to not let their appreciation of a certain tattoo or painting permeate their way of approaching subject matter. if i see a cool piece i DON'T want to imitate that style as much as i just want to tackle that subject matter in my own way.
  9. stewart robson just posted a new tiger on his blog that is sick. it seems to have a little chinese flavor to it in the face anyway. Stewart Robson’s Blog – Stewart Robson
  10. one of the guys i work with recently showed me this business card collection of his of tattooers he knows or worked with. thought this was a cool idea. do anyone of you do this?
  11. here is a couple new tattoos and a painting. hope everyone is doing well.
  12. finished this today. was super fun. kinda dropped the ball on the candles.
  13. anything that someone wants done in just solid white. honestly a majority of the time i dont mind doing most things if the customer is chill. a shitty customer can turn what should be a really fun tattoo into a complete shitstorm just by their attitude and some of coolest customers i have had have gotten some of the lamest shit.
  14. thanks for the link to the pic. really liked the movement of the tattoo. just enough negative space as well. im definetely going to study it. thanks again
  15. purple rose tattoo
  16. regular customer of mine was cool enough to drop by so i could get some healed photos of his robot battle leg.looking at it now i still like the piece but there are some things i wish i would have done differently. maybe next time.
  17. cigaretteadvocate


    no worries. thanks for checking them out
  18. jason harms at livewire does some sick panthers as well.
  19. unkle allen does some amazing roses. chads koeplingers roses are definetly cool. got 1 off him at the london convention like 2 years ago
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