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  1. That's great Tim! Words of wisdom! Great advice. It would be an honor to get tattooed by you someday!
  2. Sorry to hear that! At least his tattoo is getting some major attention and serious skin envy! Ugh..it's just so perfect! Thank you for the input.
  3. I think chicano tattoos look better done in the traditional style. It really brings out the black and grey work. The amount of hair that is incorporated in chicano designs also looks better when it is done traditionally. Even Jack Rudy's tattoos have the bold traditional look.
  4. Wow!! All those names will be added to the list. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
  5. Tim Hendricks did these. The head tattoo is my favorite. Serious skin envy! Hahaha [/img] [/img] [/img]
  6. I'd like to start a chicano style tattoo threat. The style is a favorite of mine. It also translates well into traditional style tattooing. I'd like to know which tattooers are highly influenced by this style, as I'd like to get more work done. Some of my favorite chicano style tattooers are: Jack Rudy Freddy Corbin Eli Quinters Jason McAfee Tim Hendricks Daniel Albrigo Fernando Lions Chuco Moreno UZI Here are some of my tattoos. Based off of Teen Angels Magazines. By Eli Quinters. [/img] [/img]
  7. I love that Koeplinger tattoo. It was originally a symbol of peace but the Nazi's stole it and tarnished it. Even though it is viewed negatively now I wouldn't mind getting a tattoo with it, but I would be hesitant about getting it done in a visible location (ex: forearms). Uzi does some really cool flash with swastikas in them. Wouldn't mind getting one from him.
  8. Wow! Fucking sick! Possibly the sickest chest I have seen! Goddamn I cannot get over this! Who is the guy with the tattoo? Is he a tattoo artist? Wish I could see that up close! Amazing!
  9. Easiest spots for me were Inner Bicep. Upper arm hurt way more than inner bicep for me Lower Legs. Except shins.
  10. And the Tokyo Hiro Panther Skull tattoo is fucking awesome!!
  11. I agree! For me the top panther tattooers are: Mike Wilson Chad Koeplinger Steve Boltz Eli Quinters. I've seen Oliver Peck do rad Tiger and Lion heads as well! I prefer a panther head rather than a full body panther. I bet Bert Krak can do a great panther head but I've never seen any from him. Only wolf heads and skulls mostly.
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