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  1. I've been avoiding my ditches as long as I could, but a few sundays ago I decided it was time. jason ochoa at greenpoint tattoo put this rose in there and now that it's healed, I'm stoked to do the other arm. it didn't hurt nearly as bad as I expected and it was pretty much healed within a week or so using tegaderm. definitely a believer in that shit. if there's a thread discussing that stuff, let me know and I can share my experience. anyway, here's a healed pic:
  2. here's a devil I got last summer from the bowery book done by jason ochoa at greenpoint tattoo
  3. haven't posted in a while. my bad, dudes! hope you are all doing well. I recently got this guy from jason ochoa: and here's a healed photo of a higgs design I got from mark cross not too long ago:
  4. ha! you guys sure know how to make a man blush. I did finally get a little pizza tattoo.
  5. @Iwar Thanks man! I got very lucky with that one. I had put my name down months ago in case Koji had any cancellations and I totally forgot about it. Happened to be randomly working from home and got a call from Adorned asking if I could be there in the next hour. Got the okay from my boss, jumped on my bike, and pedaled over. Even got a flat on the way, but still made it haha. Soo stoked that worked out. Particularly happy with the placement of that one. Really glad I had saved that spot!
  6. busy month! got some fun sailor jerry flash from ryan shaffer the other day and this ishikawa goemon head from koji ichimaru and a tengu from liam alvy oh, don't think I posted my higgs mummy from austin maples yet whoops. shout out to uncle sam for the tax return. no more for a while, ha. p.s. inner bicep fucking sux. not looking forward to doing the other arm.
  7. Caught Dani Queipo while he was doing a guest spot at 3 Kings. That gap on my arm really bothered the shit out of me. Way stoked on this one. Skulls and butterflies are now tied at 3 (I think I have enough butterflies).
  8. @xmowglix Damn I had no idea Tony Nilsson was in NYC! Very jealous, that's a beautiful tattoo wow.
  9. damn, haven't been on here in a few weeks. haha, let's hang! @gougetheeyes need pizza tattie asap bro - - - Updated - - - got this guy 2 weeks ago from a very pregnant mia graffam. the cross looks like an X in the photo but it's a cross I promise.
  10. I don't know what's better for the actual tattoo, but I've had both and that gauze shit is wayy more comfortable than saran wrap.
  11. yeahh. the episode I saw had this babe with a weird pam anderson tattoo near her butt crack. the 2 dudes perved out and made jokes for most of the episode, and then the coverup she ended up with was worse looking than the original tattoo. yikes, found a clip on the a&e website. wish they showed the tattoo she left with. so bad.
  12. Don't want to start a new thread for this, but holy shit is this "Bad Ink" show on AE bad!
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