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  1. Hey, I was just at a shop just looking. The studio was not a bad studio at all and the tattoos that I saw from the portfolios looked well done. But I guess the shop manager and counter girl was the owners girlfriend. And did not know a single thing about tattoos it seemed like. I asked her really simple questions and all of her answers were I dont know. I was about to buy some jewerly(plugs) from the shop and she tried to sell me a smaller size, and I was the one who spotted it out. She had no tattoos and really did not seem into tattoos at all. Just seemed like the shop owner wanted his girlfriend around or just gave her a job when the job could of gone to a person who knows at least a little something about tattoos and all that. I dont know maybe im just bickering. I of course didnt say anything to anyone in the shop because its really not my place. But the shops girlfriend there "working" really put a bad taste in my mouth for some reason. Am I wrong to think this? what are your views on this?
  2. ive seen some awesome penguin tattoos.
  3. I dont work at a shop, but I tend to go in the same shop from to time even if I am not getting a tattoo. But always treat them as a friend and I hope the artists there all think of me as a friend too. I feel like you should always be nice, just out of respect. I feel like if you are nice and respectful to a shop,its artists and its owner then you will be treated nice too. Ive ran into a few dick tattoo artists who do not tattoo me and always turn my head. Im still a little youngin. Only 21. And honestly feel lucky and grateful to even be able to get tattoos and have tattoos. I try to bring in cool old flash books that I bought to share or just anything. I actually just brought the shop some "moonshine". haha. I always feel horrible for the tattoo artist whos getting treated horrible by a customer. I mean even though I do want to find a mentor...ive always looked up to tattoo artists in a "godly" sense. haha All my respect goes to you lucky tattoo artists.
  4. does laser removal hurt a lot worse then getting a tattoo?...im guessing it does?
  5. ha. This woman i know has a tattoo on her back of peter pan fucking tinkerbell. O_o
  6. I just got a skull with a candle melting on top of it a couple weeks ago on my foot and near my ankle. And honestly it hurt like a mother fucker. The worst part was probably around my ankle bone. ouch!
  7. Oh shit!. It looks like tree sap is coming out of the skin. Ouch!!.
  8. those are really cool...i wish they were somewhat bigger though, so I could see them a bit better but they are awesome.
  9. this is pretty cool...may i ask who did it?
  10. If your into samurai movies and stuff like that...you should watch 13 assassins, I just watched it the other day and thought it was awesome!. Keep in mind there are subtitles. But hopefully you can get over that.
  11. that would be a pretty cool super power to have.
  12. I know this might be the wrong place for me to say this...but i thought that since he was asking for a bottle of classic golden yellow, that he was talking about a bottle of piss.
  13. O_O. Is that real? that looks too bad to be real...
  14. your tattoo looks awesome! :)
  15. haha its nice to meet you Ursula :)
  16. hahaha maybe I am O_o. And when I put that cat picture up there...I was just kinda like alright cool, creepy,weird cat thing im going to use you. And now that you mention that it makes you think im shocked every time I reply...makes me crack the hell up dude hahahaaha. Because I see how you see that. haha way to go for giving me a good laugh.
  17. haha dont be sorry. it was great.
  18. Um well I think that the tattoo artist would be fine with it...but im sure the artist would still probably want to try and tweak it in one way or another just to add his own personal style...but you are the client so I dont see why someone would fight with you unless the design was just really horrible. But who knows?
  19. Twiz

    Hey there

    yeah I have never met him, but i know of his shop and of his machines and stuff...even though i know nothing of machines haha
  20. Twiz

    Hey there

    I know of jinxproof, I think thats a really great shop!. And Karl Hedgepath was on my list. Im just still undecided.
  21. Twiz

    Hey there

    Maryland...but I mean I would be willing to drive...but preferably in the mid atlantic region. But id go farther haha. yeah
  22. Twiz

    Hey there

    I am not quite sure yet. I want to get a traditonal style sleeve with an ocean theme. I grew up by the beach, but then moved away from it...so i guess a example would be a sea monster eating a ship...sharks, waves...stuff like that... you have any ideas of a good artist? :)
  23. Twiz

    Hey there

    haha i get work whenever I get enough money for good tattoos. Of course I wish I could have more though. I'm saving up for the start of my sleeve on my right arm. :P
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