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    I'm an aircraft mechanic from Louisiana.
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    Getting tattoos, working on aircraft
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    Aircraft mechanic
  1. Hey guys, my name is Billy I'm from Louisiana. I got my first tattoo at 17 years old. (34 now). I have a sleeve of famous artworks on my right arm. It's unfinished because my artist committed suicide. (R.I.P.) I also have some tribal, flash, my moms portrait, and Picassos The Old Guitarist on my calf. I have some questions and I would like brutally honest answers. I figure the best place to ask is a place for tattoo lovers and artist. Which brought my here. Here goes.... I want to open my own shop. I am not an artist by no means. I know some artists don't want to work for someone who doesn't tattoo. I appreciate the talent of a great artist. I know that it is a skillful art that not everyone can do. Hence that's why I don't tattoo. I want to open a family friendly shop. (Play area for kids) while mom or dad gets tattooed. Clean atmosphere. Fine art on the walls instead of flash. That would be in the binders. Almost like a casual Drs office. My town has zero shops and I think there is an opprotunity for a successful shop to open there. Having said that. I know it's frowned upon for a non artist to own a shop. But I do appreciate the artist and the art. I would want to hire 2-3 certified artists with excellent portfolios. I would want to be a no nonsense business owner. No drugs or drinking on the job. A cleanliness policy maybe? The artist would have a lot of say so on the on goings of the business since a happy employee makes a happy customer. And the artist knows what he or she needs best. I would want trustworthy artists that I can leave at the shop and not worry about anything. If I'm missing anything please let me know and please be brutally honest. If you guys think this could work, tell me so. If you guys think it's a horrible idea, tell me so. I want the truth. Thanks