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    Started tattooing in 1994 in my hometown of New Orleans. Travelled a bunch but made it back home.
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    New Orleans
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    ink and spit
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  1. Chris at Scorpion does some great B/G...tell her to go check him out and he is a nice guy to boot.
  2. I have no idea what your talking about so would a link be possible?
  3. I am always surprised when people open up shops with the name that a simple google search would show is pretty common and already in use. If your going to put all the effort into starting a shop a new name seems like a fairly simple thing.
  4. Donn

    Mike Wilson duel

    This is so bad ass!!
  5. I have a booth so if you make it stop by the Tattooagogo booth and say hello.
  6. I am going to have a booth at both Austin and San Angelo so if your coming through stop by and say hello. It's always good to meet the people you only know from online...fb, instagram, forums, etc... So stop off at the Tattooagogo booth and let me know who ya are from here.
  7. If you read my whole post I said that the few exceptions are owned by people with deep roots in the tattoo community not just somebody jumping in the business as an investment. lori from NYA spent years managing one of new yorks biggest shops before she ever opened her shop.
  8. @catchchaser Just as long as you realize that no truly good tattooer will work for you and that you will only attract the flakier of tattooers because no reputable tattooer will work for you for any length of time. Any decent tattooer that does come your way will jump ship for a real shop as soon as one owned by a tattooer offers him a job. Its the difference between working for a fast food place and a gourmet restaurant, other than a quick paycheck you can't offer them real job advancement because you aren't really part of the business and have no connections. I am just being honest with you because the few quality shops that are owned by non-tattooers are owned by people who had years in the business before they ever opened a shop, both in working in shops and getting tattooed by top quality people. I won't even say good luck because I don't really wish it upon you but feel you should know what road lays ahead of you.
  9. Richard actually was on Walker Tx Ranger twice. We took pics of Chuck in the shop and I am not sure what happened to them.
  10. Tattooers with no tattoos are just Tourist and should be treated as such. They are just looking at the cash and waiting for the next thing to come along.
  11. Sweet pic and try an icepack and ibuprofen for those nice tender spots that bruise bad. I keep a bag of frozen corn for such occasions.
  12. Glad you found the links to show people how bad some stuff can be when people try to re-invent the rules. A good friend has a tattoo that is published often and it is so photoshopped it looks as different as these two.
  13. When the rum and clothing companies (They are separate companies owned by the same people) wanted to do an event in town a few years ago they contacted me and asked if I could help them hire some tattooed girls to work as cocktail waitresses and I hooked some clients up. A few have gone on to work for the rum company and get paid well and treated really good by them. They never have anything but great things to say about their jobs and get to do a good bit of traveling on the companies dime. Everyone I have met from the company is visibly tattooed and pretty serious about hiring from within the community whenever possible.
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