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  1. yeah he's good friends with Henk Schiffmacher, and the old shop at the red light district was close to a local hells angels bar current day the shop is still there, run by hells angels, churning out terrible tattoos and Henk has a new shop with his daughter Morisson and Tycho Veldhoen thats the short story anyway haha
  2. lady just walked in the shop, wanting to get her tattoo recolored and what not, asked her where and when she got it tattooed ''some hells angels place 20 years ago'', which here in Amsterdam means Hanky panky's original shop on the oudezijds voorburgwal she said some guy named Robert, showed her a picture of Bob Roberts and she confirmed it was him, just sent the image to Charlie to see if he can tell if its legit or not, but thought it was pretty cool.
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    24 years old, Amsterdam born and raised. Apprenticing at Hollywood Mark Tattoo here in Amsterdam. spent a while lurking the forums, bout time i started posting my 2 cents.
  4. ima send you a private message. sorry.