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  1. 6 hours ago, coajangy said:

    In general, you could even do a tattoo reduction if you are categorically not satisfied with the result of the work. Think about it. To remove tattoos, you can use chemical methods and means that have splitting and discoloring properties. Plus, the technique is reduced to the fact that only in rare cases a scar can remain at the place of information. A significant disadvantage of the method is that it takes a lot of time to remove a tattoo with this method, and getting a high–quality result is not guaranteed. If you want a high-quality result, contact https://www.nwcollege.edu/programs/advanced-aesthetics.

    Nobody is going to fall for your shitty scam. 

  2. 31 minutes ago, Dan said:

    so I am into guns and 2nd amendment support, going to the range, getting ongoing training, etc, etc

    the awesome thing is I have had my conceal carry permit for a year now,

    I love carrying.



    I’ve been waiting for COVID to die down, but want to get my conceal carry permit this year. Without getting into politics, the divide between the two sides and the growing extremism has me to the point where I bought a handgun after 10 years being gunless. I hope I never need it!

  3. Wherever you got that, don’t go back. That is really rough. I’m not saying that to be mean, but you really need to make better choices. That looks like they went in with a jackhammer and the lines are shaky, uneven, just really bad. You are ruining your skin.

  4. I'm finishing up a body suit this year and at 64, I've been concerned about my skin continuing to be fit to tattoo. I took a break during COVID, so I lost two years, but I've had four appointments in the last several months. In preparation for the appointments, every day I applied cocoa butter liberally on the areas to be tattooed for a full month prior to my appointment. My last two appointments focused on the ribs and in addition to not hurting nearly as much as my previous rib tattoos, both sessions healed in record time. All of the red was gone within two days, I had very little pain and they healed very nicely. I've probably got another 6 sessions left and I'm going to continue doing this; hopefully it will help all my sessions heal quickly.

    Anyway, it's not a scientific experiment, it's only one person, but I thought I'd share it. It certainly won't hurt and it might help.

  5. 14 hours ago, oboogie said:

    Did you not bend your leg for two weeks? The problem is the bending and straightening, I guess. It looks like deep-fried ass. I usually dry heal, but I am going to try a little coconut oil. It's just so CRISPY.

    I didn’t have any problems, but I don’t dry heal. I use A&D for a couple of days covered by Saran Wrap, then cocoa butter for a week or so. I’ve healed both knees and elbows that way.

    I had a 2 1/2 hour rib session last Friday. That’s healing really nicely too. I put cocoa butter on the ribs every day for about 6 weeks prior to the session. Seems to have really helped with the healing.

  6. 1 hour ago, imperiorelojes1981 said:

    the app looks great. But which tablet model is the best for this app? I have checked in https://www.safarinomad.com/best-tablet-for-tattoo-artists/

    for the best tablet for tattoo artists but still can't decided. The ipad seems great but a little expensive. Thank you.

    Quit trying to push this shitty app. This is a forum for tattoo enthusiasts, not tattoo artists. The scummy spammer above did not have permission to post his shitty application, they made 10 quick, inane posts so they could post it.

  7. 2 hours ago, Colby744 said:

    Starting a full back piece early next year. Just finished a full stomach piece including front ribs. To those of you that have a back piece and also have some the full stomach thing, how does it compare? Even in the same league or is back light years worse? I only ask because the stomach was more or less very manageable for me, aside from a full rib session. 

    love everyone’s work here and input! 

    I have a full back, entire right side including portions of my stomach, working on the right side; the back was no where near as bad. For me, the only problem areas were the love handles and above the ass crack. If you could sit for the stomach You’ll be fine.

  8. You can’t cover thick lines with fine lines. Find a GOOD artist (or two) that does coverups and get a consultation to find out what is possible. With tattoos that dark, you’ll probably need some laser sessions if you want something light and feminine.

    Choose wisely or you’ll wind up making it worse.

  9. 2 hours ago, oboogie said:

    Just let it heal. Look at the 10,000 other posts asking the same question. Your case isn't unique. It is pretty much the same post over and over on the whole of the initiation board. 

    If I thought they'd read it, I'd recommend a sticky thread, but everyone thinks their situation is special.

  10. Just copying and pasting same thing I told the other person “If it’s not hot, oozing or painful, it’s probably not infected. Tattoos take 4-6 weeks to heal, sometimes longer if they went in hard. You just have to wait and see.” No matter how you phrase the question, this is the answer.

  11. 17 hours ago, Kou said:

    Hi all I have a concern over here.. Is this something that I need to see doc/dermologist? Or just a let it heal process? 


    Tattoos take 4-6 weeks to heal. Longer if they were put on rough.

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