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  1. I can vouch for this, I just got the most magnificent drawing of an elephant for the word "tusk"
  2. yes, although my lack of artistic talent really shines through. Username is Scarybones
  3. I think you were finishing up when I came in for my appointment with Stewart. If it was you it did indeed look absolutely lovely. Got my leg piece finished up with Stewart Robson at Frith Street yesterday. It was my first tattoo and I'm ridiculously pleased. Already saving up for the next one! I'd echo the thanks as well, they made my first tattoo experience really as good as it could have been.
  4. I was an uninjured delicate little flower until I started playing roller derby. A few months into that I fell wrong during a contact drill and broke my wrist. I actually didn't notice and carried on with the practice, I regretted that the next day. Literally two weeks after coming back to skating off the back of that injury, I took a crazy hard hit and landed square on my coccyx. Coccyx was bruised but I also managed to pinch my sciatic nerve at the same time. Again, didn't realise until a while later when I tried to get up out of a chair and fell right back down again. Now I have chronic bac
  5. I'm pretty sure in the UK the law is 18 or nothing (correct me if I'm wrong), but even if it wasn't I don't think I'd want my kids getting tattooed before they were 18. If I had got tattoos at 16 or 17 I'd have some proper nonsense covering me right now, and the few people I do know who got tattooed younger have either bad quality work or designs that they hate. I'm sure there are some exceptions but I don't think it would sit right with me.
  6. I grew up round Whiskey. I'm Scottish (such a stereotype) and my dad worked in the drinks industry. One of my first ever family holidays was a house swap with the caretaker of the Bowmore distillery on Islay. My favourite is this bad boy: Edradour 2002 Tokaji Matured Whisky - Master of Malt I don't know what it is about the tokaji maturing that makes it quite so glorious, but it's the easiest Whiskey I've ever drank, and one of the few that I wouldn't even consider putting ice or water in. Honestly I'm more of a Dark Rum drinker but I LOVE this whiskey. My dad loves Bowmore, but for specia
  7. I guess at a certain point they have to acknowledge that some poor dumbass is going to be walking around with this horrible work on their body forever, and they have to balance good tv with damage limitation. Did they have a medical emergency this ep?
  8. I watch it mainly for Tim as well. If I'm honest I also like a lot of the stuff Megan does (bear in mind I am not a trained eye) although I'd rather she didn't have the silly name. I'd probably go there for a tattoo if I didn't think I'd end up having to watch a staged argument at some point. Also, again, untrained eye but I caught a repeat of LA Ink a few days ago and the overall quality of the work on NY Ink seems to me to be a lot higher. I wonder if Ink Masters are going to have a medical emergency every week, they're two for two at the moment.
  9. I dunno, I think I heard a Geography teacher use it the other day...
  10. It's with Stewart Robson at Frith Street in London (who I think is actually on here, so hello Stewart if you see this!). Getting a traditional Japanese courtesan lady on my thigh. That's part of the reason I think I'm nervous, because it's going to be pretty big. Excitement is overcoming nervousness though, and tbh since my consultation I've already hatched a plan for the rest of the leg, which the lovely lady that took my appointment warned me I would do :D.
  11. Scarybones


    Hi Everyone! My name is Roisi. I'm a long time tattoo fan but actual tattoo virgin from the UK, and I have my first appointment on the 25th of this month. I'm really rather nervous (not about the tattoo as it's something I've wanted for a long time just the usual pain fears etc.) and thought it would be nice to see all the lovely tattoos you guys have to calm myself down! Plus I've been lurking on here for a while and it seems like there are a lot of really cool, knowledgeable people on here that I can learn from. When I'm not worrying about how high my pain threshold is I'm either designing
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