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  1. My 2º appointment with Unmon at LTW (Barcelona) Only one last session to go!
  2. Yeah, im finishing right now my left thigh with Unmon (Ryota) at LTW here in Barcelona. Tomorrow its gonna be my final session so ill post some photos of the progress!
  3. Yeah, the worst part is already done. The rest is way more tolerable. Here's my new tattoo by Unmon at LTW (Barcelona). Line by machine, shading using tebori (holy shit is it slow!) A classical samurai and oni fighting. One session out of 3. Next one will be on september 9th
  4. Not as much as i thought. I guess tomorrow morning is when the real swelling will kick in
  5. http://imgur.com/93pGHLl My new tattoo by Toni Donaire at Blue cat tattoo (barcelona) We did the whole shin in about 7 hours. The pain was completely bearable but man was i tired by the end of the session! We finished at 00:30. The guy is a young promise who has only been tattoing for 5 years. Really nice guy
  6. Monga is aswsome. I live in barcelona so i went two days ago to Aloha and spoke with him about an idea i have for my tight that im planning on doing in November or so ( not with this heat for sure) I also have that bat heads flash he did last year but i still need to frame it. Great shop and great guys. I got tattoed there by Carlo and David
  7. Last one by Hugo from Siha Tattoos (barcelona) the pain was bearable and it was about 3 hours of line. shading and colours at the end of the month! Teapot by Mors from Chiale Baby (Lille) and calf by Servadio from AKA London the lettering reads "DOOM"
  8. Done by Itoyo Kinoshita (Classical Tattoo, Japan) at Barcelona Electric (Spain) Love how she did the movement of the tail ! An almost pain-free tattoo, except when she tattooed the back of my leg , ouch!
  9. Thats what i got from him last december at Barcelona , and ill probably get tattooed again by him in these months, because hes going to come again to my shop :D He's a really funny guy and an awesome professional , youre going to enjoy the sitting ;)
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