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    Update: so I sent a different tattoo artist a picture of my tattoo, he explained to me that it is indeed a blow out, and that the guy who did my tattoo. Has blown out other tattoos as well, that the tattoo artist I talked to fixes sometimes. The rash went away, but the blue halo effect is still present and is still the same shape and color. I hope to get this fixed eventually.
  2. Lanelle20


    hello, my name is lanelle. I'm 20 years old and just got my first tattoo like 11 days ago on my inner left arm. the first few days my tattoo looked great, then I started noticing a blue halo-ish effect around my tattoo. I called the tattoo shop that did my tattoo, and he said it is a "bruise" and that it will go away in a week. but it looks too blue to be a bruise, and it seems to be getting a little darker. I think he tattooed too deep, I also have scabbing over my tattoo, and a rash around the blue-ish halo effect. idk what else to do, if it is a blow out, I don't want to cover my tattoo because it was dedicated to my son. plus its my first tattoo. I cant afford a lazor tattoo removal, and I don't know how to approach my tattoo artist about it, please help.