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  1. From Reno good luck brother...... if anyone walks up with a Budweiser tattoo them I sent them your way haha not joking those are my brothers haha give them something cool !!!
  2. Got a fucking tribal with my last name not the worst thing but three weeks later it looked small on my arm so got a huge tribal. Justified it cuz I was the only guy to carryout the family name but now I just look at as m a half sleeve I could have beautiful artwork laying. Im not the macho asshole guy that needs a tribal war tattoo
  3. My friend jeff got a Celtic piece he's way into god and irish things the lines are all wrong thick the guy must have wanted them to be straight but couldn't pull it off looks like the guy was tattooing in the amazon I wish these small town guys would ne more honest. He thinks its cool inly cuz he's never seen great Celtic work I don't have the heart to tell him
  4. I definetly will do that shit 6 more days!
  5. Surprised it not bacon flavored f this bulldog I wish people did not have to try so hard!!"
  6. Blackheart tattoo im from a smallsmall town so this is cool. Just recently got deep into tattooing so im glad to know im going to get some serious work done
  7. So stoked getting tattooed by u on Sunday wouldn't be any big deal but the guy who gave me my best tattoo said u were the guy to go to. Your work looks awesome easy to say goodbye to my forearm. Thanks dude can't wait to see my tattoo.

  8. Just signed up from marin county California going in for a consult today so stoked.