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  1. It kind of undermines the tattooer who has to tattoo the design and the whole process of getting tattooed. I don't get it. I know Angelique Houtkamp will commission designs for people who want custom tattoos in her style, but can't get to Amsterdam, but I think that is different in the sense that people come to her because of work that she has done, and published, as opposed to browsing through a catalog of what seems to be art school students and 1-2 year tattooers (didn't browse through the whole catalog) and hope you get something good. Are people that dumb that they think just because Ami James is on the website that somehow its the way to go.

    Look at this profile, this can't be serious. Can it?


  2. I've had Dr. Numb used on me and it was such a relief! It made the second day in a row much more bearable. I disagree with the people who say it hurts worse after it wears off. It wore off gradually for me, so the increase in pain wasn't sudden, nor did it end up hurting as much as a regular 5+ hour session without anything. I did an 8.5 hour session on my leg with no pain killers or spray....NEVER AGAIN!!!!! Hahah

    I agree with this completely. I have used it on every session I've ever had. The shortest one was four hours, the longest five and a half. It works very well for me and wears off very gradually. I think the keys is how it is applied.

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  3. Yea so true. There's no diversity when it comes to their styles.

    Aren't portrait artists quite rare to come across?

    Either way I completely agree with a comment I saw here the other day, where the whole show is scripted.

    And the fuckin editing. Holy ADD.

    My buddy said something brilliant, that Dave Navarro looks like a wizard. haha yup.

    I call him Ladyface Navarro.

  4. I might have to watch Inkmasters tonight... I'm really curious as too how much they sensor Troy Denning... He's even curious, at least according to his Instagram.

    Apparently the answer is a lot. They barely showed him and I was looking forward to a epic smack down. Those tattoos were awful. Not one of the contestants in the last two years could pull off a Japanese tattoo. I always assumed it was a fairly popular style, but none of these people seem to have any interest.

    When Made Rich or what ever his dumbass name is insulted Japanese tattooing as simple and I attractive, I was waiting for Denning to come over the desk and smack him.

    Everyone on the show is a "portrait specialist" or into photo realism. I don't get it.

  5. He should have maned....mand.....manned....im going with maned...maned up and just said "I'm a good artist I'll give you great tattoo. Shut up and sit down." he let his nerves get the best of him and he cracked. But that belle chick was horrible and I've been waiting for her to leave anyway.

    Yeah, she was just awful.

  6. I have finally perfected my method.

    Leave the bandage on overnight.

    Wash ASAP with un scented dove white soap.

    Let it dry out the first day. No touching or washing, just let it relax.

    If its settled down and gets dry I start using LUBRIDERM (why did I never try this magical lotion before?!?!) the second day.

    Then basically wash and lotion once a day, letting it dry at least 1 hour after washing before putting lotion on. Twice if it gets crazy, scary dry and cracking.

    I tried dry healing but it cracked too much and pulled ink out. I was frustrated because I have never found a lotion that agreed with me, but Lubriderm is incredible. It's like putting nothing on it and I don't feel like I'm smothering my tattoo with a pea size amount of lotion lol. This is my first tattoo where (so far) I haven't lost any color!!!! Yay!!!!

    I do the same thing but I use Aveeno.

  7. I didn't.. I don't know, I didn't think she was that bad. The design was on par with a Lisa Frank sticker, I definitely wouldn't get that garbage put on me. While it's sometimes necessary to steer your clients in more functional directions, Tony was pretty inflexible with her requests as well. He should have put his ego aside during the consult and given her what she actually asked for. Also, completely valid to ask what's up when your artist is stressed out, shaking, and on edge!

    I agree I didn't like the design either. It just seemed to me that she didn't want a fresh start from the day before. The first thing she did was start laying into him about the day before. It reminded me of a girlfriend giving you crap because she just wanted to argue. Maybe it was just me.

    I should add that I don't really have any empathy for the folks that are tattooed on that show. I always ask my wife "why do these people agree to do this to themselves." I would never sign up to have a randomly selected artist of varying levels of proficiency tattoo me. Especially since there is a time limit. They strike me as the "sick tat bro" I just want to be tattooed so I look cool crowd anyway. Like my little brother, he doesn't care if the work is good as long as it's cheap.

    If they had watched any of the pervious seasons they should know what they are getting themselves into.

  8. I laughed at the 'as shop owners, we can make it work with any client" bullshit. Something makes me think any of the three of them (not lady face) would throw a customer that annoying/demanding out in no time flat.

    That chick was nuts. I thought he did the right thing in not tattooing her.

  9. I have to appear to be tattoo free for work. I also like the idea of having a lot of work and most people being none the wiser. So I'm limited to areas covered with short sleeves and shorts.

    From my first tattoo I've had an overall plan in mind and I discussed it with my artist. I have both chest panels onto my upper arms done. I plan on starting my back piece this winter. After that maybe my upper thighs and I'm done.

    All of my tattoos are a westernized Japanese style and they will all flow together.

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