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    hello my name is roberto cervantes from san jose ca,i am a father of three amazing teens,i have been tattooing in a professional studio since 1998,i love chicano style black n grey tattoo work,catholic icons,american and european traditional style tattooing,poly tribal,japanese and tebitian style arts,pulp and low brow art.i have had the honor of working with some of the industrys best,such as paco excel of death before dishonor,todd thoucher of homeward bound tattoo,martin roberson of lucky stars tattoo,the humblke beginnings crew,andreas coenen and imme of sinner and the saint tattoo in aachen germany,i am currently tattooing at dutch harbour tattoo studio in nijmegen here to enjoy the forum to give and share exp,and knowledge with those contributing to this craft.
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    san jose ca,nijmegen netherlands
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    reading books,magazines,painting flash,making prints,music,photography,swimming,walks,the ocean,film
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    hello from cold ass holland..

    i just became a member here the other night,pelikan1910,but i forgot my password and had to start a whole new membership,hello from holland.