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  1. by Aaron Coleman at Immaculate Tattoo
  2. The boyfriend and I took a vacation to Florida for a week. At the end of the week we made the drive up to Jacksonville and both got tattoos from Jesse Gordon at Inksmith and Rogers. I got a vampire lady and he got a vulture.
  3. When I was a kid my dad enjoyed fish and we had two freshwater aquariums and one marine aquarium. In the marine we had clowns, starfish, a few other fish and a very large saltwater hermit crab. Surprisingly the hermit crab ended up eating everything except the starfish. I then went a LONG time without any fish but always loved visiting aquariums and looking at fish. About a year ago I was dealing with bad depression so my boyfriend got me a small tank, some live aquatic plants and a betta in hopes that having a new hobby would help. It certainly did and now he's afraid of me becoming a crazy fishlady. Right now I'm really into south and Central American cichlids. I think it would be nice to one day have another marine tank though.
  4. That is a beautiful fish! Currently have 3 running tanks: 5 gallon that contains a red cambodian double tail betta and zebra nerite snail as well as various live aquatic plants 60 gallon that currently contains 2 young blood parrot cichlids 7 neon tetra (there were 12 but are being eaten by the parrots. They were bought as dither fish anyway) and one L240 vampire Plecostomus 3 gallon which is currently home to two baby (about 1 in.) electric blue Jack Dempseys. This is just a growing tank until they are about 2-2.5 inches and then will be moved into the 60 gal with the other cichlids. below are pics of the chiclids and the pleco.
  5. Are there any other fish keeping enthusiasts here? I'm a total fish nerd and recently I've been running into a lot of other aquarium nerd tattooers and collectors. I think it would be cool to share what specimens we have and post pictures. If not, I promise not to bore you all with my fish :o
  6. Just got a sweet snake and skull from Ben Fiedler at the slc convention. It was starting as a filler snake for an awkward spot on my forearm and then we ended up putting a skull on my elbow and wrapping the snake up so the head filled another empty spot up top. That arm is now done! Will probably have to wait until its healed to post pics. My elbow is so swollen that the skull just looks ridiculous right now.
  7. One of the things I really miss about living in New England is Congress st. and Hobos. I should really try to make more trips back east.... my family would probably appreciate it as well.
  8. I do not have my other ditch done yet but I will definitely be wrapping it over night!!
  9. I think my lovely boyfriend is going to want something from Richard in SLC. I will email you when he makes up his damn mind.
  10. The worst part about healing the ditch that I remember was when I woke up the next morning and my arm was bent and stuck to itself. Peeling that fresh tattooed skin from fresh tattooed skin and straightening out my arm was the BEST!!!
  11. Tony is such an amazing tattooer! I hope to one day get something from him.
  12. Anyone venturing to the lovely smog city this march? (Hopefully the smog should be cleared by then...) It looks like it's going to be a lot bigger show this year and I would be down to meet up with any LSTers for drinks!
  13. @else Awesome tattoo by an awesome tattooer! I'm hoping to get my elbow done by him at the SLC convention (have yet to hear back from him about setting something up but fingers crossed). Enjoy that cat!!
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