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  1. I wish them all the best in their new venture. Edit; the other artists(I personally haven't heard off) look solid as well.
  2. I would say no, they're both frenchies which all look the same (because of the kennel club and lack of gene pool, don't even get me started on what I think of them..!) and the flowers are pretty standard. The Valerie one is obviously better.
  3. Cool tattoo @ThatGuy. I'm in the same situation of starting to collect tattoos on my legs soon, promised myself a year off which is up in December. Started browsing the forums again and looking at cool tattoos and after going to the London convention Friday the bug is back to get started! Also was thinking to try to get a small piece from someone at smith street, but still not sure with regards to getting tattooed at conventions, also the lower leg is not the best placement for sitting in a chair. Anyway maybe next year and as previously stated great start to your legs mate.......
  4. I love western traditional foremost but have been thinking of getting a B&G piece and if I do it will be a chicano style tattoo, a gangster girl and flaming skull or something. Why, because I respect the history and it looks so dam cool. BTW I'm English as far back as my known family tree goes.
  5. I recognise that back........You don't just have a back piece, you have a valerie vargas back piece....! Off to ibiza Tuesday myself, mine will also be on show..
  6. I only pop on here now and then but fuck @Russ I had to just log in and say awesome tattoos man....
  7. Back piece close up
  8. Have not posted for a while but had to show my new piece off! Done by the very talented Valerie Vargas
  9. Valerie vargas back piece.
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