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    Hello, I'm a self taught tattooer. I know people cringe when they hear that but its worked out for me so far. I tend to learn the hard way. Ive been tattooing since 2004, I've been tattooing in Portland, Oregon since 2010. Even though i say im self taught I still owe a lot to the people that have tattooed me and let me ask questions while doing so. Also to my friends and aquantices out there that let me learn on them and help me to get where I'm at now.
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    Portland, Oregon
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    Tattooing, Watercoloring, Traveling
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  1. I just saw this stupid ad on Craigslist and thought I would share the humor..... CL > portland > clackamas co > all services offered > financial services > Reply Reply to: fxw4m-3871664218@serv.craigslist.org [?] flag [?] : miscategorized prohibited spam best of Posted: 2013-06-14, 5:55PM PDT ***TRAMP STAMP (TATTOO) PROVISIONAL PATENT FOR SALE Make $ (Clackamas) ***TRAMP STAMP (TATTOO) PROVISIONAL PATENT FOR SALE Make $ I have recently filed the "TRAMP STAMP" (Tattoo) Provisional Patent (Patent Pending) with the USPTO United States Patent & Trademark Office. This Provisional Patent is for "Tramp Stamp" which covers tramp stamp in regards to location for a tattoo, type of tattooing, tattooing itself the procedure. This Provision Patent (Patent Pending) protects under US and international law. So if you are a Tattoo artist or studio and want to be able to set yourself up from other shops worldwide you have the opportunity to do so by licensing the Tramp Stamp Provisional Patent from me. Imagine being able to be the only shop that can make the claim of Tramp Stamp Patent Pending. The uses and possibilities are endless and so is the money you can make from this. To secure your license of the provisional patent for Tramp Stamp reply to this email and lets get you started. TRAMP STAMP (TATTOO) PROVISIONAL PATENT FOR SALE •Location: Clackamas •it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests Posting ID: 3871664218 Posted: 2013-06-14, 5:55PM PDT Updated: 2013-06-18, 10:06PM PDT email to a friend
  2. Theses Old Blue Arms the life and work of Amund Dietzel volume 1&2 are pretty amazing books. I got Eye Tattooed America about a Year ago and I fell in love with it after first look, Ive probaly looked at it once a week ever since.
  3. sirblackfinger

    img 1519

    A random Portland themed sheet of flash that I drew and watercoloed.
  4. sirblackfinger

    img 0986

    a sheet of skulls I drew and watercoloed. The green skull was inspired by a Sailor Jerry design.
  5. sirblackfinger

    img 0600

    Worked till 2am one night just so I could get this tattoo in because I thought is was a funny idea.
  6. sirblackfinger

    img 0722

    Sea horses, one is on each collar bone
  7. sirblackfinger

    img 1291

    Waldo, just thought it was funny idea.
  8. a clown face W/ wings
  9. sirblackfinger

    img 1226

    writing and flowers
  10. sirblackfinger

    img 1217

    I did the roses, I did not do the writing.
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