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  1. lol if you think im not going to defend myself to you dumb fuck, shit talkin, high horse riding bastards..you are blind
  2. 104 huh? thats about as many fuck ups as i can see in your tattoos there too journeyman.. I better watch out for big bad tattoers like you man..just because im not a journeyman?? lmao doesnt mean im clueless to machine makers or great artists, just kinda funny ive never heard of you or your tons of generations of wicked ink slingers..so please by all means sir..YOU GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!
  3. oh..i see we have comments from another stellar artist..you say machines??? wow you are so cool..
  4. lol love haters...I dont buy guns on ebay dumbshit..I buy my guns from forward, and where are all your extravagant tattoos?
  5. and @ Killyourself....wow man? I think all artists should take advice from you. That skull with the dagger, um i guess traditional tat..Thats just EPIC man..lmfao what a great seasoned artist you are man, so thanks again for your vast wisdom..
  6. Stewart...started off on the wrong foot man, you are an amazing artist, and should be respected for that, but still a DICK!!! lol
  7. lol..ok DUDE??? Thanks for your input..
  8. i respect that, but for the record i dont tattoo out of my kitchen. I have a room in my house that consists of all the essentials for good hygiene. I have an autoclave, and buy needles from a supplier in Ft. Worth. I use gloves even with just touching or tuning my machines. I have made it clear that i am just getting started, and am only going to do tattoos that are simple. I have passed up on many tattoos due to the fact that i know i couldnt do them, and i would try to work in a shop here, if the rent wasnt paid with meth money, and the artists didnt display signs of lepracy..lol
  9. well listen hear buddy..I have been working on Harleys my whole life, and can just about build any bike from the ground up!! but im not gonna tell somebody that is just starting to learn to put down the wrench and forget it, so maybe you veteran artists should be a little more humble if you want the respect you think you deserve. I am a very cool person, and am trying something new, and i like it. I will give the respect that is earned when i am not made a mochary of..
  10. it may not be perfection, but i drew the lettering..I didnt copy it. I am just starting ,and love every bit of it. Im sure all of your peoples first tats werent fucking Picasso's..I am happy, and i know i am not good enough to take a huge leap and try some extravagant huge tattoo, but i am working at it, and i will name call all i want when someone is a dick about their critique.
  11. nice words of encouragement dickhead.. its people like you that deserve to get punched right in the face, and if i were eye to eye with you..I damn sure would. If you dont like the pictures, then keep your comments to yourself, but dont bash them cuz you are a so called recognized artist..lol
  12. I just went to a local shop and the dude had roaches everywhere, and to top it off,, he was diggin in his ass..

  13. This piece is sick!! i love the concept..
  14. some sparrows and (my/my wifes) last name
  15. Cheers fellow LST members, My name is Justin Gossett, and i live in Weatherford Texas. I have been tattooing for about 4 months now, and wish i wouldve started way sooner. I have done a few pieces and have had 100% positive feedback, well my wife especially..lol I hope that you all enjoy my pics and hope to meet many people on here..PEACE!!!!
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