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  1. I got a chest piece last night and they covered with something called tattooderm. It's like a thin clear wrap that stays on the tattoo for 4-5 days. It supposedly keeps the color trapped in. Stays on in the shower and everything if you're careful with it. My last two tattoos that were done in other shops, they taped on wound dressing and told me to keep it on for an hour then put tattoo salve on it.
  2. I tip anybody that I plan to use on a regular basis no matter who it is. That's the way I was taught growing up and believe me, it helps when you're in a pinch and need a favor. Plus, I was in the service industry for 10 years so I know how much I appreciated it and how hard I worked for my pennies.
  3. Fainting and vomiting are two separate things. Depending on where are you are getting tattooed, if you are laying back for along time and suddenly get up, you can faint from orthostatic hypotension just like getting up after a long flight. I sat for 8 hours yesterday and I started shivering at the end bc the pain of the white highlights was brutal. I couldn't take much more.
  4. I got a chest piece done by Guillermo Sanchez in South Beach last night and it exceeds my expectations. He and Johan Avila who work side by side are two amazing talents. Their work is on another level. I was so disappointed with the piece I got a few months ago by a "famous InkMaster" and thank got Guillermo says he can fix it.
  5. Guillermo "Big G" Sanchez Miami Tattoo Co
  6. Guillermo "Big G" Sanchez Miami Tattoo Co
  7. Johan Avila in Miami. Talking to shop now.
  8. Sweet. I'll have to look into those.
  9. His work is amazing but I think a few things went wrong. 1. I think he's not very comfortable with all black and all of his infamous pieces are full color. 2. Because he's so damn busy, he really didn't do any designing until I showed up for the appointment which he started an hour late because he was finishing up someone else so the design didn't get the attention it needed 3. We never discussed nor did he ever ask me about shading the entire background to stop the piece from looking like it was "floating". he just shaded it all in. I had mentioned I had an idea for the background that would link this piece to the future pieces nearby but.......I guess he didn't hear that part. 4. When I brought up my thoughts, he shot them down like I was some novice that didn't know what I was talking about and he was an expert and I should blindly trust him..........which is exactly how he acted on TV. The piece isn't terrible but I definitely didn't have to wait 6 months for this level and someone less insanely busy might have taken more time to design and discuss before jumping in. - - - Updated - - - I am in east fort lauderdale. I will drive anywhere in south florida. If I REALLY have to fly, I will but being in such a metro area, I would think that's not necessary.
  10. So I got my first tattoo at 19, my second at 40 and my third at 41. For the most recent one, I waited 6 months to see a "famous" artist because it was a large front/side/rear shoulder and upper arm piece that was very significant to me. I am disappointed in the tattoo and also disappointed in his attitude/customer service but I must say it lines up with what I saw on TV but I thought that was an exaggeration for TV. It wasn't. But anyway, not here to bash him by any means just want to make sure that I find the right person to do the rest of what I want. Thanks.
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