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    Currently a student after working in a non-profit for 5 years; trying to figure out whether to focus on my passion for art and culture or social justice as a student in university. In my spare time, I'm an amateur photojournalist covering primarily Metal and Hardcore bands by writing reviews of both records and shows as well as taking photographs in order to document the shows.
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    San Pedro, CA
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    Photography, writing, music
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  1. Thanks for the welcome, SStu. This is a picture of my first tattoo. It was from Ben Volt now of Form 8, when he worked at 2 Spirit tattoo in San Francisco.
  2. David Parker at Blackheart Tattoo
  3. Jason McAfee at Temple Tattoo
  4. Hello, everyone, my name is Benedetto (or Ben). I've been interested in tattoos more or less since about the age of 6 or 7 and I've gotten 3 tattoos at this point. While I definitely feel like a struck out a bit too eagerly for my first tattoo, I'm glad to say my 2nd and 3rd were great experiences and I look forward to more great tattoos in the future.
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