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  1. Damn that snake looks sick, biker status. now that new tatt is some art.
  2. Oggamereaper


    Ya deff open to both but I know my chest is almost uncoverable. I will have to post a new thread in the suggestions later.
  3. Oggamereaper


    Hey... Arm behind my back here. My name's oggamereaper. Ive hadna few tattoos already, but I'm really getting into it now. I have an angel on my chest, which I don't like very much; on my deltoid I have a web, deff needs some work; my wrist has a cassette tape exploding, also poorly made.. I'm here to show my tats to get some more insight on what I should do. I have some base ideas but I still would love to hear your feedback. Don't know if I used the ; right but I tried and that's all that matters