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  1. my wife and i will be at the London convention. we are doing a 5 week Europe trip and hopefully we will get in for a cool walk up from someone! There are so many good tattooers there i really don't mind who i get tattooed by.
  2. i worked this one it was a great convention I stayed busy and there were some really good tattoos done!
  3. Enjoyed the new pictures, thanks and keep them coming.......

  4. Just a little mermaid and shell i painted the other day not the greatest but thought it turned out ok
  5. I have used ravens before they trend to work well. Also like kevin said hair also works well.
  6. I work out of mid mo (sedalia) area. are you going to be at the St. Louis convention Matt? I posted a few of my tattoo pictures when i get more time i will upload some more as well as some of my paintings.
  7. Hey all My name is Josh Martin. I am out of mid Missouri and i have been tattooing for about 2 years now. i am just now picking up watercolors as well. I have checked out the forum and it seems like there will be a lot of information and good threads on here soon and i hope i can be a part of that!