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    Tattooing over 10 years. Skateboarding all my life. Fish every chance I get. Spend as much time as possible with my wife and kids.
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    Gainesville. Florida
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    Tattooing, skateboarding, fishing. My wife and two boys
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    Tattooer, shop owner
  1. Busy Shop Experienced, professional Artist Wanted in Gainesville, Fl Instagram.... @anthemtattoo Web.... Facebook.... /anthemtattoo Send portfolio link to;
  2. We are looking to line up some guest artists. If you are interested in working in Gainesville, FL contact us at... -send a link to your work meanwhile, check out our website and instagram Anthem Tattoo @anthemtattoo
  3. Sweet idea. I just started following your blog. I got some paints and prints I'll trade with you. I'll even show this to the guys I work with. I'm sure they would be untreated. Mean while check out the shops website and let me know what you think. Anthem Tattoo Parlor - Gainesville Florida - 352-395-6789
  4. Got 8 stitches today in my right hand and index finger. I have appointments everyday for the rest of the week. Kind of bummed
  5. Thanks. It's too bad we have to take it done in a few months. The property owner wants to remodel the entire building.
  6. We are always looking to meet other tattooers. If you are interested in doing a guest spot with us, send me a link to your work and I'll get back with you on the details. Mean while, check out our website. Anthem Tattoo Parlor - Gainesville Florida - 352-395-6789
  7. I tattooed my best friend about 10 years ago with a math equation 420+69=PARTYTIME If you fimilar with "the FEST" in Ganisville Florida. I'm sure you have seen it or heard about it
  8. Some people like bad tattoos. I had a guy tell me that bad tats make him look tuff.
  9. Yes. I have to remember that.
  10. Sleep? What's that? I have a 3 year old, an 11 month old, a wife who has a herniated disk in her neck, I own a shop and tattoo full time. I really don't have time for sleep. But when I do lie awake in bed at 4am I think to myself, "what am I have for lunch"
  11. I think this was/is a rad idea.
  12. Holy Shit. That guy is awesome
  13. This girl sent me an email yesterday wanting her nipples turned into a heart and a star
  14. Eagles always make rad tattoos. Bert Krak does some awesome eagles. I like to use the Sailor Jerry books as reference for mine. Those layouts are incredible.