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  2. Just getting my first tattoo yesterday, I may not be as informed as others. But yes I am glad that tattoos have an aspect of pain to them, my take on it is that, if you want this to be part of you until your rotting in the ground, then you have to commit to it and go through the pain of getting inked. Yes it will temporarily hurt, and it did, but as soon as I saw the finished product I was immensely glad I did it. And having a bunch of medical issues, I was proud I was able to say "this was the first time I'm happy to be stabbed with a needle."
  3. A few weeks before my dog had passed away, I told my dad that I'm going to get a tattoo of his (the dog's) head. And my dad already has a few tattoos himself, said he was gonna buy it for me for my 18th birthday. My mom basically told me no, (parents are divorced, and I'm living with my dad) but after I told her why I was getting it and what it was, she just said to make sure the shop is clean and sterile.
  4. After lurking for a few months, I finally decided to make an account and begin posting. I'm actually a senior in high school, and in about 5 hours from posting this, I'm going to my first tattoo appointment. I'll be getting my now passed dog's head on my right calf. And as said in the title, what's up everyone? Edit: I should also mention that my dad is actually the one buying it for me for my 18th birthday. So yes, he thinks tattoos are awesome and has a few himself.
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