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    I have a wierd obsession with stationary I like.... Holdens, driving fast, pools, playing with knives, the feeling of getting tattooed, black nail polish, vegemite, my super comfy grey trackies that resemble prison pants,chick fights, the smell of crayons, and not conforming to the norm
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    music, art, reading, tattoos
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  1. leelee

    Hello all!

    Thanks everyone! @Duffa Im from Perth :) @Shannon Shirley , stay at home mum = SAHM!!
  2. April cant come quick enough, my husband made me watch it one day after he raved about it, and damn its a great show!
  3. leelee

    my sons hand and name

    my sons hand and name
  4. leelee

    Hello all!

    Hi everyone! My names Leah, i'm from Oz. Currently a SAHM, which means my next tattoo is a while off because of less income....save save save is all I can do!! Just looking to chat with others about all things tat related!!