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  1. i've had this one about 2 years now! I actually got it while living in hawaii so i wasn't worried about pool season or anything :cool: i'm a bit anxious myself! kind of like the next step towards being a tattoo junkie :p - - - Updated - - - @SStu well we're in a long distance marriage, so i thought next time i saw him it would be an awesome surprise to see all or part of his wedding vows on me!
  2. yikes, i'm rethinking that underboob tattoo :rolleyes:
  3. the idea is kind of cool though, inviting local shops into the space, great way to get some exposure.
  4. Here's my one tattoo, i will at some point get one on the other shoulder that has a watercolor design. But for now i'm more interested in my next idea! I'm really wanting a tattoo of my husband's wedding vows right underneath my breasts, the only issue is that they're rather wordy and I'm concerned about it not looking good. Any ideas?
  5. pheonixsan

    My wing

    Aries at Lady Luck Tattoo in Kailua-Kona Hawaii
  6. i always think the "the body is the temple God gave you" thing is hilarious honestly. all of the most beautiful temples and chapels have painted ceilings, and we're not supposed to decorate our temple?????
  7. hi! i'm Hannah, i'm looking forward to getting my next tattoo soon, and i was looking for a place to find new ideas and really flesh out the ones i have. :cool:
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