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  1. I can't see the picture, but if it's blowout then there may be options to help improve it. If it's lines and the design will work, you could always ask the artist to touch them up and thicken them out a bit - they will usually do this for free. I've had blowout before a few times in different places and by different artists - maybe my skin is trying to tell me something :P but I've never had an issue getting the lines thickened, and it always looks way better. But blowout can also fade over time too. Not always, but it can. I know that from first hand experience, so it's definitely not t
  2. Lower leg tattoo blues right now. Inside of my ankle, swelling is bad, and I dread moving from a sitting to standing position. Don't want to get out of bed in the morning Delighted with the result though, I've been sitting on this idea for 7 years. Every time I looked at my Basket Case t-shirt, I was reminded to get it done. Better late than never.
  3. Hi! I could have posted this in the aftercare/healing threads, but I thought it would make more sense to post a new topic, because I know it's not to do with healing. I know that people can sometimes experience fallout during the healing process of their tattoo, but I tend to get it pretty bad. I have some sort of fallout every single time, and it's often with black ink. But if I get it touched up, it tends to be ok. It's like as if my skin just rejects some of it the first time. I know it's not my tattoo artist, as I've seen pictures of healed tattoos he has done and they always look gr
  4. That's annoying, I know that the inside of the bicep can be the perfect opportunity for blowout to happen...that's actually why I got my galaxy piece there. I just wanted some filler and liked the idea of a sky...so figured that my inner bicep would be the perfect place for it because there's no lines. Just colour. It probably healed the worst for me though, haha. Just out of interest, what kind of experiences have most people here had of blowout? Is this based on the ink spreading through the skin around the tattoo, or individual lines being fuzzed?
  5. I don't necessarily believe that a blowout is always down to the heavy handedness or angle of the needle used by the artist. Sometimes blowouts can just happen. Everyone's skin is different and heals in its own way. I've had a few cases of blowout. The tattoos are on my legs so maybe that area is more susceptible to blowout happening...but it's a bit coincidental for it to be down to the artist when it happened 3 times by 3 different people. I'm the common denominator there haha. But the tattoos I have on on my arm are absolutely fine. So maybe it's just to do with placement for me.
  6. Hey, did you ever get sorted with this? How well did it heal up in the end?
  7. ^^ Wow, that's an impressive tattoo for your first!! If you followed the aftercare instructions correctly, then you've done everything right. It looks fine to me, tattoos can heal differently depending on the person. I wouldn't worry too much about what other people say regarding scabbing, peeling, or lack thereof...that just leads to paranoia. Well, it does for me anyway haha. Red can be a trickier colour to heal for some people too, but if you want peace of mind, you could always ask your artist. But it does look normal to me... I just got my Copyrights tattoo earlier today. So h
  8. So how many times would you re-wrap it all in all?
  9. Getting the bottom of my two shins done tomorrow, just one word on each - sleep better. Inspired by The Copyrights, one of my favourite bands :)
  10. I'm guessing it's so the tattoo artist can cover their own ass in case of infection? At least that way they can say: 'Well our aftercare instructions require you to keep the tattoo wrapped/protected', in case a customer comes back complaining of infection. If you've washed and cleaned the tattoo properly each time, and always re-wrap with fresh cling film, of course you're less likely to develop an infection and allow bacteria in.
  11. If the skin is cracked or its weeping slight, put a little bit of antiseptic cream on it, but not too much. Scabs will eventually fall off. And if they take some colour with it, so be it. It's better than getting an infection. Check out the picture I posted above. If that scab fell off, then I can guarantee yours will :)
  12. It ended up being fine. That big nasty scab there just fell off. It took some colour out with it, but I don't mind getting it touched up. I'm just glad it sorted itself out, I was freaking out there for a while!
  13. It's interesting, over here in Ireland you'll often come across aftercare instructions that suggest keeping the tattoo wrapped for the first 3 days (obviously cleaning and re-wrapping with new cling film each time). But when I got my tattoo in FL last year, I couldn't believe it when the tattoo artist said to take the wrap off after 4 hours or so and not to re-wrap it Gaagaun) again! It seemed crazy to me. But I followed his instructions and it actually healed so well!
  14. This ended up being fine in the end...bit of fallout that it took with it but the scab eventually fell off. Phew. Going back to get it touched up next week :)
  15. Yeah my artist said that most likely, the worst that will happen will be a bit of fallout. Which I'm not that bothered about because it can be touched up at a later stage. Yeah, no pain or swelling. And no oozing or nasty smell, so I was trying not to panic too much because nons of the signs of infection were really there. I guess it just looks really bad and because it's never happened before, it unnerved me a lot! - - - Updated - - - Yeah my artist said that most likely, the worst that will happen will be a bit of fallout. Which I'm not that bothered about because it can be touched up at a
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