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    Hi there!

    Here is the actual tat.
  2. Afgirl83

    Hi there!

    Hey thanks for the response! I took the picture before the ink was done. These were just the drawings. They are still quite lighter than the original, in terms of the line work. I am about 20 minutes from the San Antonio area. My worry is that I will have to add quite a few more butterflies to even out the design, which is what I did not want to do..
  3. Afgirl83

    Hi there!

    Hello there! My name is Amy. I'm from Texas. You could say I am kind of a tattoo newbie. I have one on my rib, to which I just added to this weekend. So there's the deal... While I am happy with how it turned out, I feel like it is a bit "mix-matchy" now.. Take a look at my pic. I want to add something to it to tie it all in. Make it look more legit. Want to stick with simplicity, if that makes any sense. Don't really want a bunch of vines/flowers/etc. Hope this is not too vague. :confused: Hit me up.
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