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  1. So I've recently came across this article (http://tattoo.about.com/od/tattoosafety/a/plasticwrap.htm) that shed some light on the practice of the artist using seran wrap right after a tattoo session. I really never gave it much though but this article poses some very interesting points and really has be thinking about it. I have maybe about 9 rather large tattoos and from what I can remember only one artist did not wrap it in seran wrap he instead used something else. Now I've always listened to the advise of my artists concerning aftercare (as well all should) but just think of this seran w
  2. Welcome! And pics would be much appreciated!
  3. If your still on the fence about it but highly considering it I say let ur artist know and at the very least he can finish and position the bottom of the half sleeve to be easily extended to a full sleeve whenever you are ready to make that leap? Good artists can do exactly this.
  4. I'm just as stoked as yourself!
  5. I think the tattoo likes great the way it is! Maybe like a little bit of wind to make it look like they are flying upwards?
  6. Focus on your breathing that has always helped me during my sessions. Not the best advise but hey, every little bit helps. Lol
  7. The sugar is definitely what you need you also want to take ur time getting up do it slow and steady. Especially if you have been worked on for a long period of time there's job need to shock ur body in that way as well after getting tattooed.
  8. As many have said if you've got ur whole back. You are pretty well prepared. Lol
  9. For me personally it's not so much the exercising that's the bad part it's being in a gym with a fresh new tattoo. That's the last place I wanna have it rub up against or touch something!
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