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  1. Blessings are completely different from what the OP asked. I stayed the truth. I've been doing absolutely nothing "awesome" lately.
  2. Well, before I do what I intend to do, which is ask for advice on a tattoo coverup, I figured I would introduce myself. I go by Nocturnal Mistress on most sites and forums as tribute to one of my favorite bands, Type O Negative. I'm shy of 27, southern and have 5 tattoos with plans for more in the future. Greetings from a goofy, Middle Earth loving, Asgard dwelling metalhead from the country!
  3. I prefer the company of animals to humans. I have one cat, one dog, one hamster.
  4. Zelda: OOT is my favorite game of all time.
  5. That would be under the assumption that awesome things happen in my life - they don't. I work, eat and sleep..that's it!
  6. http://i63.tinypic.com/140m6a.jpg His name is Peter.
  7. One been listening to Metal since my early teens. Last concert was Rammstein in Chicago, 2012. Craziest was Children of Bodom, 2008.
  8. I got mine from a line in the song "Haunted" by Type O Negative. Peter says "Nocturnal Mistress, spirit lover - her mouth of wine and woodsmoke taste." And I like the name Nocturnal Mistre
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