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  1. Hey guys, pretty new here and also new to derm products. I'm about to begin my first session of two back to back. This is my 3rd session with my artist working on my sleeve. My previous two sessions were 10+ hours of pure tattoo time and I expect these two to be around the same or at minimum 8 hours each. I will probably have more plasma than is typical having put my skin through so much trauma... do you think I should follow the standard protocol and apply the tegaderm around 10 hours after the final session? Should I wait a bit longer? This is my first time using any derm product, and my current work has healed great with AD/aquaphor/hustle butter but I am going to be getting a lot of ink in the future and if this is going to be the best route for aftercare I want to begin now Thanks guys J
  2. Idk why I thought I needed 10 posts before posting pics! Thanks for letting me know!
  3. I'm big on fitness and my artist told me at the end of our first session "J, I know this is going to be rough but I'm gonna ask that you stay out of the gym for two weeks". I figured a day or two maybe but my jaw freaking dropped when I heard two weeks... I lasted 1.5 and when I went back for my 2nd session he complimented how well I'd taken care of it. After the second session though I went out and ran a 10k 4 days later. I had anxiety the whole race. I have two more sessions back to back of 8-10 hours each this week and I have a rather important race on Sunday... I think I'm going to skip it though. That's a lot of tattoo time and I really want to baby it.
  4. Good stuff brotha! I really like those trad pieces. Australia has a lot of sick B&G artists i'd love to get work from. I can relate to catching the bug. I got my first piece started in December 15, and by January 17 I'm gonna have somewhere along the lines of 100 hours worth of work on me!
  5. Hi there, what style of sleeve are you working on?
  6. Hi there from another middle earth lover. I've also got a couple tattoos I wish I could cover up and am trying to figure out what route to take with them, laser aint cheap! I'll go check out your other thread
  7. jrayr90


    Hi there, I'm new here also though I'm about 20 hours into a full sleeve. What style of tattoo are you looking to get?
  8. Evening everybody, Jared here from the California Central Valley! I got my first tattoo in '07 at 17 years old in my buddy's kitchen, four stars up the side of my ribs... living the dream! Later that year my high school buds and I all pitched in to buy our "artsy" friend a tattoo gun and supplies. He did a few on each of us and that fizzled out. Fast forward to 2014 and I began looking at some of the big names in B&G... Jun Cha, Lil B, Noah Minuskin, Carlos Torres, etc and fantasized about having a piece from one of them. Sat on my hands for a year and finally sent an inquiry out May of last year. I got two replies but they were either booked too far out or too expensive when factoring added travel costs. I kept my head in the game but didn't send out any more inquiries. Finally in September I got an unexpected email and we worked out some details and scheduled two sessions back to back for April of 2016. Luckily, I was able to squeeze in 2 sessions in December and March from last minute cancellations! The first session we did 10 hours of pure tattoo time and we did a little over 11 on my second. I'm hoping we can do just as much over these next two days (this week) as we did in our previous sessions, although 20+ hours in a 48 hour period is going to be rough! If I thought I had the bug at 17... sheesh do I have it now. I'm traveling to Buenos Aires in May and will be getting a smaller 10 hour Japanese piece (lower body), and in December/January I have 4 full day sessions booked for a realism chest piece... though I might change my mind to a sleeve if I have the dough for 5th-6th session. Wish I could post pics but until then anyone interested can follow me on Insta or Snap @jrayr90 , I will be posting a lot come tuesday/wednesday :) Looks like maybe I can post pics! This is two passes and this portion of the sleeve is pretty much complete. Last session was 5-6 weeks ago
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