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  1. I just healed my elbow with Desert Essence (mentioned in the article @Dan S linked to) and it worked a charm. It is available at most health stores out here on the west coast. It works extremely well for healing tattoos and also everyday moisturizing of faces and bodies. Good stuff. Once I'm in the healing homestretch I've been using plain old jojoba oil to help itching. @Mike Panic - tell your clients about Udo's 3-6-9 blend of essential acids. I'd recommend these to anyone, Vegan or not. The health of my skin, nails and hair has noticeably improved since I've started taking them. Well worth the $30. These should be available at Whole Foods and fine health stores.
  2. Stoked for @CultExciter. Hopefully there will be a bunch of sweet tattoos on here from you in the future.
  3. @neckface - that is a damn fine tattoo. Who did you get that from and where did you get it?
  4. @xmowglix "Chaos A.D." is definitely a good spin. I got my elbow done last night and we listened to Slayer's "Season in the abyss" three times in a row. I was so completely zoned out I had to ask who we were listening to, even though I've heard that record a ton. Felt like a dipstick.
  5. I'm going to see RJ Hitchcock at American Graffiti on Tuesday night. He put a Higgs Tudor rose on my left elbow a little over a year ago. I'm going to get the corresponding rose on my right elbow. I've been like a rowboat with one oar...just going around in circles. Super excited for this, to say the least. I love that shop.
  6. Who tattooed you at Scapegoat? -Just saw the answer. I'm a lame-o...
  7. Wherein @phickey has a quietly devastating idea for a tattoo... ...the idea is affirmed by @hogg... And subsequently blows up LST with the results.
  8. I agree with @Dan S. Why not just move that to the belly? It'd be a good tattoo on the stomach. But that is just baffling for a million different reasons.
  9. Can someone drive me to Florida? This is great Deb.
  10. @majorpenalty - I got tattooed by Johnny Bones while he was working a guest spot. He is a regular guest there. Tattoos out of Mi Familia in Anaheim. I have two close friends with stuff from Gemma - she does good stuff. I'm moving back in a month and fully intend to get some stuff from James Tran. It is a nice shop. Also, Marcus Kuhn works there some. And has a private studio. Get some!
  11. Be advised that Power Tattoo is about a 45 minute drive from downtown San Diego. Full Circle is a really nice shop with a great crew. I got a tattoo there last October and had a great experience.
  12. I've been working in commercial construction for the last ten years, mainly in project administration. For the last seven years I've been really busting my balls to become a Project Manager. Which, in this economy/job market, has been an uphill battle. Last week I was finally offered the title - and the huge nut that accompanies it - but turned it down. I can't take the industry any longer. My wife and I are moving to my home town of San Diego and I'm going to barber college. I'm excited to take up a new trade that offers a little room for creativity.
  13. I had to check the city you live in to make sure we're not neighbors.
  14. I'll throw my compliments on top of the others...that ROA is beyond comprehension. I spent an hour looking at it last night...I'm zoned in on it again tonight!