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  1. @Cork Thanks man! Im really happy with how its all coming together. You know, its funny, I read a lot of posts about it being bittersweet when a back piece is finishing up, but for me, I can't wait for it to be over. Don't get me wrong, I love the experience, the talks and hanging out at the shop, but lately my pain tolerance has been damn near zero. I feel like I've been sitting horribly. Its not like I'm tired, we were going every 6 weeks and they haven't been marathon sits, only like 4 hours or so. I can't explain it, it sucks right now getting tattooed. Haha. Hasn't stopped me from thinking about my next piece though...
  2. So here's a long overdue update on my back. its coming along...Unfortunatley life gets in the way and I wont be back for more work until mid November and I'll have to book some more appointments soon for december and into the new year. I was really hoping ot get to Montreal for some more work and check out the convention scene but Im in a wedding that weekend so it'll have to wait for next year. anyways, done by Scott Duncan at Sugar Shack Tattoo in Kincardine ON. He's one hell of a guy, and I love going there
  3. When I was playing hockey in my teens, we always had this huge rivalry against another small town, it always ended up in huge brawls, like always. One of these brawls I ended up wrestling another player to the ice and while the fighting was ending I ended up getting kicked in the back of the head without my helmet on. I was instantly knocked out for about 5 minutes but when I woke up I proceeded to skate to the biggest guy on their team and try to fight him. Passed out again and took a good beating. Was in the hospital for a few days major concussion. A couple weeks later my buddys dad started calling me Mush because thats what my brain was, and I kept getting concussions and hospital visits because I didn't want to stop playing. The name stuck and Ive been Mush or mushy for the better part of 14 years now.
  4. @BrianH great start man! Looks fantastic cant wait to watch this one progress. how much did you love the lines near the armpit and love handle area? haha
  5. Thanks @DeathB4Decaf saw your progress from Sunday, you're catching up! Looks awesome!!
  6. hey friends! Short little session on Saturday with Scott at Sugar shack, I was feeling quite sick so we only did a bit, background down the left side and gave the tiger some stripes. Really wished I could have gone longer. Since finishing I havent been able eat much without puking. Its been a shitty couple days. Really hope to have a good long session next time, hopefully finish background down the ass and thighs.
  7. I just bought a new house. Bit of a downsize from current home but I dontt need all that space. About 10 minutes from where I am now in a super small town, bigger lot, no back yard neighbours and cheaper taxes. Just need to sell my current home now... fun
  8. @SeeSea Thats Fantastic!! Looks incredible! you have my vote for a tshirt for sure!
  9. Stellar stuff @SeeSea way to hang in there, I'll keep you in mind as I progress
  10. You're going to be fine. Just leaking plasma and blood. In the morning remove the clingwrap and wash thoroughly, all will be right in world.
  11. you're a wild man, I HATE lines, its the most painful thing I have ever experienced. I would take 6 hours of shading over 20 minutes of lines anyday. My hat is off to you, sir.
  12. @DeathB4Decaf so nice to finally see it on skin. Looks so fucking cool. I love it! As for the shop I usually leave with my notes page full of bands and songs I need to download. Scott is one cool cat. Can't get enough of that dude.
  13. Thanks @Graeme your back looks awesome! You're ahead of me so I'm a bit jealous. Haha
  14. @OutOfIdeas thanks man! I'm not a small guy so he did use a lot of ink to cover that area. It was a long, I'm glad we stopped when we did.
  15. Had a few hours on my back yesterday. Worked on background was a good session, everyone at Sugarahack is so friendly. I had a chance to listen to the first couple episodes of the serial podcast too, I'll admit , I'm hooked. Listened to a few more on the drive home. Back at it again end of January bring down the left side and hopefully move below the waist. See how it goes. I'll say it every time, the love handle area is killer.
  16. Heading back to kincardine tomorrow for some more work on my back. I think were doing background but I have no idea. I'm just lucky I remember my appointment dates. Should be fun, only one booked for the day so here's to hoping for a good sit.
  17. Im in! it would be fun to meet some people, get the ins and outs of the convention.
  18. On Saturday I was back in Kincardine to finish up the lines. Starting background Dec 12 I'm booked for the whole day so hopefully get a lot done
  19. @DeathB4Decaf - Ive got myself set up on a 6 week schedule from the 12 on, all Saturdays(shift work/on calls) hopefully get some good long days in, we're both hoping to have it finished by Montreal convention or be able to finish it at the convention. (I've never been to a convention and thought it would be a good time to go) hopefully we do cross paths, like I said, your drawing looks awesome would love to see it in person. @Graeme - always like good news about quick healing. Im pretty fast healing when it comes to black, its any and all colour that seems to take forever.
  20. Back to Kincardine on Saturday morning to finish outline on my back, not sure what else we'll be doing, probably not much I'm heading for holiday in St Lucia at the end of the month and want to make sure all healed for that. Back at in in full force Dec 12 though