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  1. Hey Phil haha, didn't know u were on here!

  2. Hi everyone. I was watching a couple of interviews on LST today, really cool to hear the masters about there experiences. At the moment i'm doing an apprenticeship over here in Holland for about a year now. I started out 2 years ago in a different shop,but unfortunately i found out that the artist there didn't have the best intentions with me so i'm very glad i found a new tattoo artist that's willing to teach me the beauty of tattooing :-) Xxx
  3. Cookie

    Lily design

    My 1st time doing only shading in a tattoo.
  4. Cookie

    Tattoos 2011

    Some of my first tattoos done.
  5. Cookie

    Tattoos 2011

    Really enjoyed this one.
  6. Cookie

    Tattoos 2011

    For a friend her daughters name on the wrist
  7. Cookie

    Tattoos 2011

    1st time doing Japanese lettering
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